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  1. Ali

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    Not many of you will know this but I joined Sellers International band in April. Unfortunately about 3 weeks after joining this wonderful set of talented people I contracted Bells Palsy. A condition in which the nerves are attacked by a virus and the end result is temperory paralisis on one side of the face. I looked as if I had a severe stroke. Fortunatley (for me) I have regained most of the use of the left side of my face and as a result (and 4 months after I first joined the band) I did my first official job on Saturday at the Open. I would like to personally thank a few people on this site. Firstly to my band, Sellers International and our MD, Mr Philip McCann who have stood by me through out this difficult time and for giving me the oppertunity to try and help the band compete at the Open. I would also like to thank Ben Thompson and Phil Fox for standing in for me at the Masters and and the English Nationals. I could'nt ask for better deputies and great people to help me through what has been a trying time for me. Also to the many friends I have in various bands around the country who have given me words of encouragement and the confidence to carry on playing.And finally to wonderful girlfriend Clare who has stood by me the entire time and has been my rock. With out these poeple I really dont know if I had been able to carry on and for that I would like to thank you all very much.
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  2. Hi Alan

    Great to hear you're recovering and playing again, hope everythings getting better for you and im sure you'll make a speedy recovery

    best wishes

  3. mictop

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    Glad to see you got there in the end Al, we unfortunately saw the effects and what you went through ( can we laugh about the straw now???), but good luck mate and all the best to you and Clare for the future

    Mike & Anne Topping
  4. Ali

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    Cheers Clive, Mike and Anne for your kind words. This is what I so love about the banding world. People and especially friends stick together in bad times and I couldnt ask for a better set of friends!
  5. 2nd man down

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    Didn't know you'd been struck down with what sounds like a nasty disability but glad to hear you're on the mend. :clap: :tup
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    Glad your on the mend, as someone who's been there, I can remember just how draining the experiance can be - Good luck with your banding.

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    Dear BIG GAY AL!

    You weren't going to have a permanant problem anyway... ya big tart!

    Anyroadup!!! When you coming down to see me and Caroline!!??

  8. Ali

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    Cheeky git!!!! Im not that big!

    Once again thanks for the kind words of support from everyone (barring you Steve!!!).
  9. SteveT

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    I'll have you know I have been barred from better places than this.... ! Pah!!!!
  10. 2nd man down

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    They can't have been much better! :biggrin: ;)
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    Thanks for the thanks, you know me I'll help anyone out. Young lads like you can well do without any sickening ailments. I can empathise with with you there, having been poorly a while back myself.
    I had to pack up the banding.
    Nice to see Clare stood by you. Thought I had a rock with me, on my recovery mission, but this rock floated about a lot, and did not understand the darkness of Cancer.

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    It was Me Foxy that last posted you.
    Thanks for the Thanks.
    Somehow its gone through Nicola's reply sytem on my PC???

    Good to see you made that recovery, I like a sit down test piece being and aging fart, Not a stand up circus performance.
    Thank goodness for James Cook and back to reality. Ther'll be some fantastic performances of that old 'un in th'Albert Hall next month. Look forward to Grimethorpes performance one to watch.

    Congrats and a big well done to Fairey's, theres life in that famous Stockport Band. I am sure you'll join with me on that along with hudreds of others.

    Just a shame Elworth City Brass and the cast from Oz, never performed. There not as victorious in defeat. Couldn't quite carry it off, when in with the likes of Dyke, Grimey and Cory's.
    Happy banding Alan, I enjoyed the time with Sellers, they have a fine young band. I enjoyed Phillips reading of the piece. Perhaps they deserved a higher grade result, but thats banding, Faireys and Sellers seem carry on win lose or draw.

    True Banding spirit.

    foxy TheOriginal Foxy (not a name changed cad man or a welsh tourist)
  13. Ali

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    Cheers Foxy. As I said earlier, had I not had the kind of support that I recieved from you and coutless others, I dont know what I would have done! Thats the true spirit of banding and Im extremley grateful.