Persian Cats

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  1. Does anyone know of a website or perhaps a forum like this one with info on persian cats?

    Looking in particular for health problems rather than just breed characteristics etc.

    Don't seem to be getting much from search engines.

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    Eye discharges and infections are common, as are general breathing difficulties, because of the way they have been selectively bred with such a flattened face.

    The face shape also predisposes them to dental disease as they get older, although this is common in all cat breeds.

    Otherwise generally healthy except for the possibility of Polycystic Kidney Disease which causes kidney failure in mid to old age. See [here] for further details of PKD and screening programs which some breeders (the better ones) will be involved in.
  3. Thanks for that.

    I know that you have to clean their eyes everyday and she does have a lot of black eye discharge which I know is normal, but there seems to be blood in it now. My partner thinks she's probably just scratching herself but i'm not so sure. She seems to have blood mixed in with this black stuff almost daily whereas when we first got her 2 months ago we never saw any.
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