Pershore Midsummer Brass all set to ‘Go the Distance’!!

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    Pershore Midsummer Brass all set to ‘Go the Distance’!!
    Brass the Baton Participants announced!!

    All in all, eight of the twenty seven bands at this year’s Pershore Festival on July 21 are ‘Going the Distance’ as part of the Brass the Baton Olympiad celebrations!!

    Best of all, there are representatives from nearly all sections --- and the spread across the twelve hour long festival is pretty even, so audiences will get plenty of opportunity to hear lots of different versions in the various venues throughout the day. Opening honours go Shipston Town Band, who get the Green Baton at ten in the morning at the free outdoor venue, Chapman Court, where they play for the benefit of shoppers and passers-by. This is an important venue for the Festival as it not only acts as a shop window for the event in order to increase ticket sales but also introduces the delights of brass band music to the general public and, in doing so, satisfies one of conditions of the Festival’s charitable status.
    Lunch time sees the Baton pass to the Malvern Chase Brass Band for the first of the day’s performance of ‘Going the Distance’ in the Baptist church, and some nifty foot work by the organisers will transfer it immediately to the Abbey where the Malvern District Brass Band will present their version to an expectant audience. Tea time sees the Baton back at the Baptist church for Hook Norton’s performance and a little later, newcomers Bedworth Brass do the honours in the Abbey. Another Usain Bolt experience is on the cards as the Baton next goes to the marquee at the rear of the Angel Inn for two consecutive performances by City of Coventry Brass and Phoenix West Midlands. Last performance of the day goes to Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band in the Baptist church once more. PHEW!!

    More details can be found on the PMB website:
    All day tickets (£12) will be on sale in the town centre on the day --- watch out for the bright yellow booths! Advance orders: Adrian White 01386 554004
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