Pershore Midsummer Brass 2015

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by battybarit, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. battybarit

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    Planning is underway for next year's event but we urgently need to recruit a couple of new committee members to join our team.

    You need to be keen and enthusiastic and have knowledge of the brass band movement either as a player or organiser. Local knowledge would be useful and a willingness to attend about 8 meetings a year and to undertake some aspect of the organisation is essential.

    This is a great opportunity for a young person, or anyone else, to get involved in one of the Uk's best loved and successful non competitive brass band events!

    Please contact me in confidence for more information via my email:
  2. battybarit

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    Come on, you lot!! SOMEONE must have time for this!!!
    You want PMB next year, and every year? Well-- help make it happen and get in touch!!
  3. Matthew

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    Have you sent your request to the the various Brass Band sites/publications and sent it via Twitter/Facebook etc too?
  4. midlandman

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    I hear that you have to 'register' your band players for this years event. No entry without a PRS return.
    have we lost the original philosophy from this great event?
    A reliable source has told me that wrist bands for participants will not be given out until PRS form is handed in. Does this mean if your band is on late in the day you can't listen to others. Is this bureaucracy gone mad?
    no wonder there is a struggle to get volunteers!