PERSHORE MIDSUMMER BRASS 2012 -that's all folks!!

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  1. battybarit

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    Well, that's it -- done for another year!!

    Just a note of thanks to all our bands yesterday (July 21) -- for your good humoured cooperation and impeccable manners throughout the day! And the playing was pretty good as well!! :clap:

    Special thanks go to all our Brass the Baton participants and especially to Steve Lilly (Bedworth) whose sprint from the Abbey to the Angel with the baton has qualified him for the 4 x 400 relay team in London is a couple of weeks time!

    And thanks for the kit loaned by Tewkesbury band for use at Chapman Court - it made such a difference to bands playing there for the day.

    Whoever it was who managed to arrange the weather for us deserves extra thanks - it made the day.

    Watch for full reports in the band press this week.

    Wanna do it all again next year?? Then let's have some feedback here please, positive and negative (but don't be too hard on us!). Thank you.

    If you prefer, contact us via our website email:


  2. euph77

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    and well done to all the organisers and helpers, thank you!

    Yesterday was my first time at Pershore but it certainly won't be my last.
  3. It was our first (and hopefully not last!)time at the festival, and what a good set up you have!!
    So well organised, both from the information we recieved before the event and on the day - thanks.
    We played at the Angel and the Abbey, both great venues, and really appreciative audiences too.
  4. weenie

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    I was only there for a short while at the Angel (havent been for a couple of years), but what a great atmosphere! I think the marquee was much better positioned and the extra percussion from Ev-entz really does help the bands, especially when it's good gear to play on!
  5. subtlevib

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    First timer at Pershore, both as a player and a listener!

    How blummin' lovely. All the good vibes that an event like this should have and without the stresses of a contest.
    If my band's not there next year, I shall be! But I really do hope Bilton Silver get another invitation - thoroughly enjoyed it!
  6. jockinafrock

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    This was my second year at Pershore, and all I can say is, what a marvellous event! To play in the Abbey is an absolute delight, and the audience applauds as though you're the only band that day, and not one of many. Playing at the Angel is a real bit of feel good playing and really relaxed. I don't think there's another event in the banding calendar that epitomises so well what banding is about - it's relaxed, friendly, well-organised, a great catch-up place with other bandsmen and, unlike most comps, bandspeople stopped to listen to other bands and didn't just hog the bar when not playing. Can't wait to go back with my band next year - and if they're not invited I'll offer my services to another band, I enjoyed it so much. :clap: