Pershore Midsummer Brass 2011 Thank You!

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by battybarit, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. battybarit

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    A big thank you to all the bands and players who turned out on Sat July 9th to participate in the Pershore Midsummer Festival of Brass! And thank you too all you supporters, friends and families and members of the general public who attended and who stayed for most of the day, listening to a huge selection of music from many different bands.

    The weather generally favoured the festival, being mostly dry and not too hot! A highlight of the day was the appearance of B4, the German band from Pershore's twin town in Bavaria, Bad Neustadt. Everyone seemed to enjoy their playing greatly. For a fuller report on their performance, and on the day in general, please keep an eye on the banding press.

    Our thanks go to Steve Swinden and his assistant Dan who managed to record most of the bands across the day. The double CD can be ordered from him directly or via PMB on 01386 554004, (£12.00 incl p and p).

    Thanks go too to the Pershore Market Traders Association without whose financial support the festival could not be staged. Lastly, but by no means least, we thank the dozens of volunteers who sold programmes, manned the gates and did all the other essential work on the day that made it all happen.

    Plans are already afoot for next year's festival which takes place place on July 21st 2012 - a little later due to inconsequential events like the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee!

    Keep this date free -- and we'll see you all there again next year!

    We'd be grateful for any comments (positive or negative) about this year's event. Please send to :

    Many thanks. :)
  2. AndrewL

    AndrewL Member

    It was a really good day. Thanks to everyone involed in organising and running the event.
  3. battybarit

    battybarit Member

    Regarding the CD: Please note that the day's music was recorded by Wolverhampton based Chorum Records (
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