Perfect Practise Routines

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  1. I would be grateful if someone could tell me if there are books available which give good structured practise routines.

    I have seen various books mentioned on the lists.......My trouble is I think that although I practise regularly - I have no actual "structure" to my practise time. I would really like a "structure" which I can work my way through..
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    The problem is the structure will vary from player to player.
    All depends on the persons strengths and weeknesses.
  3. I realise that, but surely a good practise routine will expose ones weekness in playing. (as if we don't know em already !!)
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  5. thanks for that link there........I have explored many of the archive pages here - must have missed that one
  6. ......but that thread, doesn't really answer the question that I asked??
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    no, but I really don't know of any books, and thought that it may be of slight relevance!

    and normally the books mentioned are part of the prescription of practice, not the perscription itself.
  8. It was of relavance.....ty - wow - you can spel really good
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    No such thing as a good practise routine, but books like the trumpet method by Vizutti give good indicators on what you should do. If you have a teacher speak to them about it. Generally I practise like this:

    - Warm-Up
    - Low Notes
    - Long Notes
    - Flexibilities
    - Valves
    - Tonguing

    - Upper-Registry Exercises
    - Valve Exercises
    - Pieces

    Nothing revolutionary, but it's not set in stone and I vary it from time-to-time. I usually rest briefly between pieces and exercises. This was devised pretty much a month ago and I've seen great improvement in my playing since as well as plugging of weaknesses.