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  1. What techniques are you using to amuse your selves and stay awake during rehearsals for "Academic Festibore"?

    Here are a few suggestions.....

    1. Swap instruments between each entry. Try it between long periods of bars rest, and then gradually see how few bars you can get it down to before you start colliding with each other.

    2. Select the longest period of bars rest you can find. Then see if you can run to the nearest Pub, neck a pint of lager, and get back in time for the next entry.

    3. See how many swear words you can find in the words " Brahms Academic Festival Overture"

    4. Change the percussion instruments on the score completely. Try a run through substituting the snare drum, cymbal and bass drum for, A swannee whistle, Car Horn and a washboard. See how long it takes the MD to notice.

    5. Pick a few pre- arranged entries, and come in either a bar early or a bar late ( but together as a section) when the MD spots it and makes you play it again,flaty deny you made an error and carry on making the same mistake all through rehearsal. Try and convince the MD he is loosing the plot.

    6. Start a really low humming sound during your bars rest, increase the volume slowly. If questioned by the MD blame the central heating. Give it few minutes. Start doing it again.

    7. Get all three of you to assume the Hussein Bolt post race pose. See how long you dare hold it without missing your next entry.

    8. Keeping the Olympic theme going, get hold of your percussion part, roll it up in to the shape of an Olympic torch, set fire to it and run round the band room singing the theme from Chariots of Fire.
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    Maybe even learn to play a proper instrument !!!!!
  3. P_S_Price

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    Obviously the composer is a discerning individual who has had to suffer long periods sat in front of the Artillery section, whilst they demonstrate a never ending inability to play quielty in a complete belief that Brass bands are all about loud bangy things.

    (Its a joke Loud Bangy Thing Hitters! )

    (As proof of the Loud Bangy Thing impact, check out the Audience member Jumping out of her seat when our artillery player starts Shine as the light on You you Tube - Bottom Left corner right at the beginning)
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  4. The composer was indeed a "discerning individual" as you put it. Sadly the arranger (Dennis Wright) thought he knew better than Brahms and ditched the original percussion parts. Lets just be thankful Dennis Wright didnt get asked to re-arrange the National Anthem!
  5. PeterBale

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    He did, a version with opening fanfare, but didn't make any major changes to the harmony!
  6. Thanks for that bit of info Peter. While I am at it, does anyone know why the correct perc parts for this test piece have not been reinstated? or indeed why they were removed to start with?
  7. iancwilx

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    Because when it was originally arranged purely as a test piece percussion wasn't allowed at contests.
    I think (?) "Spectrum" at the British Open in the late 1960s was the first time percussion was included in a major contest.

    ~ Mr Wilx
  8. so if percussion was not allowed, why did Dennis Wright scrap the original percussion parts and substitute them for side drum, bass drum and cymbal? why bother to do that if no percussion at all was allowed in contests? It makes no sense.
  9. MoominDave

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    For concert performances, I would have thought? And each band of that era would only have counted on those three kit items, I think. It does make some kind of sense historically, but not a lot for a modern band. Why not write the publishers a letter suggesting that in future they also issue the original perc parts alongside Denis Wright's reduced part? Issuing a photocopy of an out-of-copyright edition is fine.

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