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  1. Benjamino

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    Hi, I'm a percussionist, currently at Bradford University and I wondered if there were any bands in the area who wouldn't mind me joining in. I have no transport of my own so can't easily get far outside the city centre but any info would be appreciated.
  2. After Sunday there's a good number of bands even in the premiership needing good quality percussionists.
  3. Accidental

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    I suppose Guildford is a bit too far? :lol:
  4. Cornishwomble

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    What standard band are you looking to join?
  5. Benjamino

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    I'd probably consider any standard, depending on the current percussion section. I've played in a first section band for the last few years as 3rd percussionist. I've mostly played tuned percussion and timps, but wouldn't neccessarily pass up the opportunity to improve my kit playing.

    ps. I think Guildford might be pushing it a bit...unless any of your members travel by helicopter from the bradford area :p
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  6. paulspud

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    If Benjamino is who I think he is, then any bands over Bradford way would be adding a fine player to their ranks
  7. multiman

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    Hi - Lofthouse band on the outskirts of Leeds are presently looking for a percussionist and would certainly welcome someone on tuned percussion. The MD can be contacted on 07879 400 538. Certainly worth a try.
  8. paddo

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    HI fella, Innovate Skelmanthorpe band are in need of a percussion'ist, we are based near huddersfield but we have players that live near you so a lift will not be a problem. We have the spring festival coming up and the test peice is harmony Music if you fancy it, Pontins later in the year!! Alan Exley is our current pro with Les Beavers our resident, well worth a look mate.


  9. brass journo

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    Hi Benjamino

    you may ahve received my PM but Yorkshire Co-op are after a percussionist and have 2 players at Bradford Uni who could offer you lifts and we only rehearse 4 miles from Bradford and promise you an all round good time!

    e-mail me at for more info!

  10. trumpetmaest

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    Yorkshire Imps are looking for a 3rd Perc player.
    We have a number of top jobs in the calendar including Festival in Birmingham with Ian Bousfield, oh & the British Open.

    We practice in Leeds & have members who travel from Bradford & can arrange a lift etc.

    Richard Hanson
    07725 555993