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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ploughboy, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. ploughboy

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    I've a student Grade 7 Kit/Grade 1 tuned, looking to join a band. Cannot do Tue/Fri eve's due to work. He's hard working and committed to improving as a percussionist. He would need a lift to/from central Harrogate.

    Any offers?? PM, or post here. Many Thanks. We will reply to all enquiries.
  2. samandy

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    Hi Gary

    Your percussionist would be very welcome to come along to Elland band on a Monday or Thursday evening. Unfortunately we would struggle to provide transport from Harrogate but may be able to help with lifts from Halifax / Huddersfield trains station.

    You do not mention age, but again they would be very welcome at our youth band on a Saturday morning, but the same would apply re transport.

    Many thanks

  3. Lna

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    Hello! The Ripon City Band are in need of a percussion player but we rehearse on a Tuesday and Friday night! He is more than welcome to come and play for jobs and concerts. If he is interested our email address is Hope to hear from you in the future!
  4. ploughboy

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    Hi Sam,

    He's 17, doesn't drive and folks work shifts so getting around may be an issue still. I'll let him know tho, and direct him to your website.


    and thanks LNA but I don't think depping is what he's after.

    FATNBALD Member

    Now you know where to bring him Garry!!:wink: Just bring him home with you and drop him off the next morning. Simples:clap: