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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by rumtetumtetum, May 20, 2005.

  1. rumtetumtetum

    rumtetumtetum New Member

    Ok, I know its really premature, but after discussions with other percussionists earlier this year we are looking at the possibility of entering a percussion only band for next years contest...havent found anything in the rules (yet) to say we cant and have located a supplier of marching gear (including a marching marimba and xylophone- the mind boggles) we are looking into the logistics for next year. Any other percussionists sick of being left at home, let us know if you fancy a go!
  2. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    it does sound fun that... but i was always under the impression that percussion was only allowed to play down the street. i could be wrong there but i have always gone, and only ever played down the street. i dont get left at home, i get clash cymbals or a side drum. its all fun!
  3. jo

    jo Member

    as far as I know traditional percussion is only allowed on the street march with a brass band, but if the contest organisers are happy for a percussion band to play then count me in...can I have the shire horse with timps attached like the coldstream guards have?!
    sadly I am being left behind this year as I broke my arm the week before the grand shield (nothing to do with wanting to get out of playing masquerade) and cant play properly for another couple of weeks...doh!
    however, hoping for great things from the rest of my lot...good luck to everyone playing and I hope the weather holds up for you!
  4. drummer boys

    hey ill find you about 3 snare drummers...
    might have to tailor them down a bit, from a marching band and might get a bit carried away, but yea i'd like to take part, like you say it's all good fun,


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