Percussion virtuoso switches Stockport for Leyland!

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    Leyland Band are pleased to announce the appointment of renowned percussionist Yasuaki Fukuhara. Yasuaki will feature as the band’s percussion soloist and will make his first public appearance with the North West champions at next month’s National Championships at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

    “I am delighted to join Leyland after a fantastic two years with Fairey,” said Yasuaki. “I have enjoyed many great experiences with them and the band have supported me well since I came to the UK. I would like to say thank you to them all. I am really looking forward to working with the many talented players at Leyland as well as conductors Michael Bach and Richard Evans. I have known Richard for many years, through his work with my home band in Japan, and it is thanks to him that I am now performing here in the UK. I am excited to be working with him once again.”

    Leyland will accompany Yasu in his debut solo CD recording, which will be undertaken in the spring with the support of the band’s partners, the University of Central Lancashire.

    “I am thrilled to welcome Yasu to Leyland,” commented Leyland chairman Iain McKnight. “He is a phenomenally talented instrumentalist and a fantastic addition to our young and vibrant soloist team. It is also great to be able to support Yasu in his debut solo recording. I hope his stay with us both long and fruitful.”

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    Fantastic news, does this mean that bloke with the squint and the wooden leg on drums has left or is he still there too?
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    We think you might be getting mixed up. They're two separate people; the guy with the squint's on the front row, and wooden leg man plays tuba...

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