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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Aidan Geary, Dec 13, 2005.

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    The final piece to the London College of Music's Percussion Syllabus has now been released.

    Grades 1-8 in all four disciplines are now available. (Drum Kit, Snare Drum, Timpani and Tuned Percussion).

    A new and exciting development to the syllabus (as of January 1st 2006) will be that the candidate will be able to create their own exam by mixing and matching pieces from the above instruments. For example, a candidate could opt to play 2 kit pieces and a snare piece; or 1 tuned, 1 snare and 1 kit etc. In addition, the candidate may choose the instrument to perform the Aural tests, Sight Reading and Technical exercises on.

    All in all, a very flexible approach to percussion learning, taking into account the fact that not all students have access to all instruments. Hopefully we will see more candidates playing accross the range now instead of just opting for drum kit.

    The new syllabus is available from LCM - 0208 231 2364. Definately worth a look.
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