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    I am doing a bit of research into potentially acquiring a set of tubular bells for a band. Obviously, I'd like to get a pro set but with even the 'Percussion Plus' Pro ones (a bit like the old Premier Viscount model) starting at about £2000 (and the Adams ones weighing in about £3000), that's probably going to be too expensive given how much/ little they would be used (the odd tubular bell note here and there concert repertoire which we usually just put in on the glock for now).

    I came across these Perc Plus Education Chimes/ Bells in a Primary School I work in recently and they certainly looked and sounded ok (very thin bells though!) although not particularly loud.

    Cost of a set is about £500 (I have no idea how the primary school came to have them....) which seems extremely reasonable. Has anyone any experience of using them 'in anger' with a band/ orchestra? Obviously they aren't going to in the same league as a pro set but are they adequate for that occasional bell cue that comes up.

    Any opinions welcome! Thanks!!
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    we have a set and they are very light but fine, obviously not as good as a "proper" set but certainly do the job and are easy to transport :)

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