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  1. topeuph

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    I'm conducting a County Youth Brass Band in September and I'm formulating my programme. The band has an excellent percussion section (there is absolutely nothing they can't play) and I'd like to show them off. I'm struggling to think of any at the moment so if any of you know of a piece or pieces, I would be most grateful .
    Thank you.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    African Waltz...?
    ... and the Band Played On...?
  3. topeuph

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    I'm looking for pieces that are true percussion features, and not just band pieces with nice percussion parts in them, so that probably rules out "And the Band Plays On". I've not heard "African Waltz" before, is it a percussion feature? If so, has anyone recorded it?
  4. flugtastic

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    erm... have you tried helter skelter, glock feature! and also windows of the world! thats got loads of percussion in it, with a break in the last movement which is a percussion solo if im not mistaken? im sure hells_bones will correct me if im wrong!
  5. tsawyer

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    Clock With The Dresden Figures
    Old Man River

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  7. prince_turhan

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    How about Hootenanny - that opening bar gets 'em every time!!!
  8. topeuph

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    Thanks, it sounds like a cracker, I'll shall add it to the programme.

    Oh yes, thank you Prince Turdham, I shall consider it very very carefully.
  9. iaindrum

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    Rusky percussky is a good one for the whole team, tea for two is another strike up the bands a good'en as well

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    WOW I just bought the Eikanger Bjorsvik - Snell 20 Supreme Years -- Brings back so many brilliant transcriptions.. The Clock'... is just STUNNING.. just ordered it..
  11. KMJ Recordings

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    I'd vote for this ;)
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    If he means the Derek Broadbent arrangement, then it's on an Obrasso CD - That's Entertainment - that was recorded by Besses with Derek at the helm.

    I'd class it as a band piece with people hitting things, though, although there's an opportunity to do a bit extra in the middle.
  13. ploughboy

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    can we have suggestions from percussionist please, some of our blessed friends on brass haven't quite grasped "percussion feature"!
  14. iaindrum

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    You tell em Gaz!
  15. johnflugel

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    What about Peter Graham's 'Cartoon Music'?
  16. Shed_Builder1

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    i like rusky percusky! good percussion piece. But, windows of the world is very challenging for percussion with some extremely good effects!
  17. Shaggy

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    What ever piece you pick for gods sake give the poor old shed builders a bit of recognition when you perform the piece. Make sure they get tre ated in the same way you would treat your solo Euphonium at a concert after he or she has played a solo. The vast majority of MDs I have worked for never bother to do this. Also, when rehearsing the piece, ask the percussion players if they are happy with the tempo you are using and ask their views on other aspects of the piece.

    This has NEVER EVER happened to me in 30 odd years of banding. Conductors never consult with me when I have a featured piece to play, why? Its a very different story when ANY other instrument has a solo.
  18. iaindrum

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    Well said that man
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    theres 2 videos on youtube of percussion features at the band i used to play with. when i get home i will add the links. its windows of the world last movement and helter skelter. hes amazin!
  20. Shed_Builder1

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    agreed, very valid point! i have done a few drum features in my time and never has the time been taken to ask the percussion section about tempos and other aspects of the piece. hopefully people will learn in the future. i very much hope so!