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    Percussion dep availible any section anywear

    Current band: Polysteel (flowers) band

    Instrument: percussion tunned or kit (everything really!!)

    Section: any champ-4th

    Destination: live in south wales have own transport but will travel werever

    Notice: as much as possible but im happy to dep at very short notice if its possable

    Previouse bands: Cwmbran, Tredegar, Parc & Dare, NYBBW

    Depped: well for lots but heres a feiw,

    Grimethorpe Colliery uk coal band, Fodens Richardsons, BAYV Cory, Flowers, Wooley Pritchard Soverighn brass, Bodmin, and many more...

    Exspeirence: Played at all major contests including,

    Europeans, Nationals (lower section & championship section), British open, Masters, Brass in concert, French open, Scotish open, Bugle, Butlins, Pontins and many more also...

    Been involved in many cd recordings, radio broudcasts, large concerts ect

    Contact details: tel 07891 434 121

    : email

    Anything else please do not hesatate to pm or email!!!