Perantucci for Euph?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by agentorange, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Quite a few of my Bass playing friends swear by Perantucci mouthpieces, saying they are the very best tuba mouthpieces available, by far.

    I've recently found out that they are available for euph too, but don't know anyone who uses one. I've always been happy with Denis Wick (currently a SM3.5) but If Perantucci are as good as i'm told, then i'd be interested to try one.

    What i'd like to know is -

    A) bass players, why are they so much better?
    B) if anyone out there uses one for euph, what are they like, how do they compare to Wick etc and
    C) is there any way i could try one for a while before i commit to buying one.


    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    I don't know about the North of England but Mr. Tuba here in South Wales stocks the whole range. I trialled before I bought and found the PT50 more comfortable to play than my Denis Wick 1XL. My friend trialled the Bass Trombone mouthpiece which was huge compared to the Denis Wick equivelant. I too haven't seen any Euphonium players use them but I have seen the mouthpieces and the look very deep compared to Denis Wick's. They are also a bit more expensive than the DW so that might also be a reason they are not as common.

    Perhaps it's the depth of the bucket that makes the sound difference!!!
  3. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    That said, even the company talks about the 1XL being "a little more difficult to control!"

    Never tried the XL range, and being a "part-time" Eflat Tuba player these days, I would be a bit wary of over-pushing the limits as I still (mainly) play Baritone too (albeit with a large Euph mouthpiece!)

    Having only met a couple of players with the Perantucci gob-irons, I can't say they offered those players ANY benefit at all, in terms of sound; and seeing no-one is going to buy me one, for me it would effectively be a 120 quid "go-faster" toy, rather than a serious necessity, so I am sticking with a 3L for now, which I seem to get on with better than the 2L I used when I was ONLY playing Tuba. Interestingly, that is a deeper cup than I was used to, too, so maybe deep is the way to go! :)
  4. matt_BBb_bass

    matt_BBb_bass Member

    I play a Perantucci bass mouthpiece they are really good! Yet last week at Wessex Joe Cook said he thinks that Bach mouthpieces are better thn a Perantucci?
  5. tubamaest

    tubamaest Member

    I Play on a PT64 fab mouthpiece so comfortable and very powerful.i was put onto it at Grimey, Shaun Crowther plays on one.And ive noticed theres one on ebay for sale, cheap way of getting hold as they are pricey.

    Regards Richard Wilton(Former EEb Tuba Grimethorpe Colliery Band)



    I think Joe Cook is right,I tried one for three months on BB Bass and I think they are rubbish, I suppose after paying out silly money on these things people have to say they are good.After putting up with this perantucci for three months I found that my playing had gone downhill,they are hard to warm up,weigh too much, and in my opinion the worst mouthpiece I have ever tried, stick to a DW 1 or VB 24 BB Bass.


    hello Tubamaest, can you settle an argument we are having at Dodworth Bass Section ? Can you tell us what type of mouthpiece Dean Morley uses at Grimethorpe,we have tried Perantucci,but have found a DW 1 much better.I know that you have a tucci on EE Bass,but they don t agree with me at all on BB Bass.
  8. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Which suggests that it wasn't actually equivalent... If mouthpieces of the same inner rim diameter have significantly different buckets, then they're doing different jobs, and aren't really comparable.

    Anyway, you know that, I'm just trying to make a smart-aleck point. Sorry!

    Wicks aren't at all widely used among bass trombonists - the response feels pretty weedy, and the wide rims aren't at all helpful in the low register. It's kind of telling that a trombone specialist like Denis Wick should get the design so wrong only one remove away from his specialism... Vincent Bachs are much more valued, how did the Perantucci range compare to these?

    The mouthpieces in the Steven Mead range produced by Wick are much deeper than those in the 'classic' AL series. Are they perhaps similar to the Perantuccis?

    I reckon you're on to something here...
  9. tubamaest

    tubamaest Member

    Hi Stu hope your well,
    Deano plays on a Bach 7 its the biggest they do mate! Like a bustbin lid,Tiny plays on a Bach 18,These boys are the daddies of BBb playing!

    Regards Richard.


    Thanks Richard I ve just lost a few pints,I always thought the daddies were on Wick 1 s,looks like this will cost me .
  11. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    Ive a Perantucci 88+ on BBb Bass, I quite like it, nice and comfy and gives a strong and full sound (I think!!). I had a Bach 7 beforehand, which is a wee bit smaller than the 88+. Altho I mite change back sometime to a slightly smaller one again, but you cant really pick and choose with tuba mouthpieces.......!!!

    As always its down to personal preference, what works for you and what your happy with. The only way you'll know if its better or worse for yourself is to try them out!

    Heres a link to the Euph/bari Perantucci catalogue from Mr Tuba's website.

    Ps. Danny from Dyke said Joe Cook is on a VB18 and him and the other 2 boys are on VB24s.
  12. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Thanks for the replies so far - a bit of a mixed reaction it seems!


    Yes I think BB Bill is right, I found the pt 88 too big,my lower register suffered.It says it all when the lads from Grimey and Dyke dont use perrantucci,forget the ads and the hype,just try a few first before wasting your money on european junk.

    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    As the UK is part of Europe isn't Denis Wick, Vincent Bach and Helleberg in the 'European Junk' category too.

    Does that mean Yamaha, Kelly and Giddings & Webster more superior?
  15. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Except Vincent Bach stuff is (as far as I know) made in Indiana USA. Which, last time I looked at least, wasn't in Europe. :rolleyes:

    I'm not a bass or euph player, but all this advice could be distilled into two simple sentences - as it could be when talking about any mouthpiece for any instrument:

    Try as many brands / types as you can, find the one you like and use that. Just because the blokes from Dyke, Grimey or the Shillingbury Blowers use a certain brand it doesn't mean it's the right one for you.


  17. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    Don't you mean a "DW 3 or a 24AW" as the DW 1 is bigger cup diameter & narrower rim more like the Bach 18 but a bit deeper; the backbores of the DW1 and the 24AW are different types too.

    The 3 is almost identical internally to the 24AW, in that respect as near interchangeable as any two different brands of mouthpieces ever are; and for that reason I must get a Kelly 24AW before the cold weather is back again!


    Yes I have a plastic kelly 24 on order too.
  19. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    I have been using a PT 84 for around 8 years now wouldn't change for quids.
    I also heard Barry Gott in Brisbane bought a whole set for his band, got that from Barry direct during a conversation about my own PT 84


    These things must suit you very well,but on BB Bass I found them useless. They don t suit all players so I can t see the point in buying a full set and making the whole band use them...I bet most are thrown back in the drawer after 3 months like our band did.

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