People of Rochdale (Past & Present)?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MattB, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. MattB

    MattB Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering how many on the forum are from or originally from Rochdale up here in the sunny North West? Would be nice to see how many national Bandsmen this hotbed of banding has given to the nation!

    So, if you live, have ever lived, play or have played for a band in the Rochdale Area(Littleborough, Milnrow, Wardle, Rochdale Wilsons, Co-op, Youth Band, Kingsway or others I don't remember!), here's the place to let us know.

    C'mon Rochdalians, shout out to the world!!

    BTW, for those of you not familiar with Rochdale, in WW2 Hitler wanted to transport our Town Hall to Berlin he liked it that much! Oh, and apparently some women named Fields & Stansfield were born here. Left as well didn't they!
  2. ginger_jo

    ginger_jo New Member

    Is it mattB as in matt bailey!?.......... :D its Jo Landon! aye i'm certainly a rochdaler!! I went to the world famous Wardle High School and played in their million bands under Stuart Marshall!! then after school i joined the Wardle District Anderson Band (section band lol), then onto Whitworth Vale and Healy!!!! Then i made my move to manchester and now onto Huddersfield!!!

    Awww i miss Wardle! :D
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  3. MattB

    MattB Member

    Hi Jo, it certainly is matt bailey, nice to hear from you! Good to know another ex- Wardler is still going!

    C'mon everybody- I know there is more than just two of us out there!!

    PS. Please visit the website!
  4. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    I live in Rochdale and have played for Co-op Milnrow in the past, and also the infamous*better than wardle* Rochdale Youth Band!!! And I know Ginger Jo :D
  5. Ali

    Ali Member

    I used to play for both United Norwest Co-Op Rochdale band under Roy Curran and Rochdale Youth Band under David Morris. That was the best youth band ever. Players like Stuart Lingard, Nigel Hughes, David Clegg, Nick Young, Haley Moore and many others. Sheer quality.
  6. Gorgie boy

    Gorgie boy Member

    My mum used to live in rochdale and I went out with a girl from Rochdale.

    Does that count? (She did play the cornet - the girl not my mum - although come to think of it my mum used to play the cornet too....)
  7. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck New Member

    :cool: Hello Matt I'm from Rochdale even though I don't live there any more.

    It's a long time since we were both in Anderson Brass together but it was good to see you at Pogson Bray last year. I don't know if Littleborough are going this year but good luck if you are.:tup
  8. tat

    tat Member

    come on bailey, you didn't mention Whit'oth. originally from Bury, but liked it that much i moved over here!! Might have something to do with staggering back from the band club though!!!??
    Hi ginger jo, not seen you for ages, how you keeping?

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