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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by wewizrobbed, Nov 26, 2003.

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    I have been told to let everyone know, that after the contest is finished, everybody attending the Scottish Open this Sunday (30th) at the Royal Concert Hall is to go to the Bon Accord, at Charing Cross in Glasgow. It has a late liscence til 1am. All good news! Seen tonight it has also just won a pub of the month award too :? strange but true...

    I have no clue of directions so taxis are a good call! Most people know where it is though.

    See yous all there! :lol:
  2. allanw

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    Could Steph not remember the directions then Lucy! Just to add the Bon also does good pub grub so after you've played and fancy some scoff get yersels down there during the day.

    Directions - come out of Royal Concert Hall (Buchanan Street exit), down the steps and turn right onto Sauchiehall Street. Walk up the street for about 10 mins (unless you've been drinking already then add a few mins!). Once you reach Charing Cross go over the motorway and turn left, pass the Mitchell library and its on the next block on your right. (Alternatively get a couple of mates and jump in a taxi - will cost about £3 max)

    The owner's called Paul and their very band friendly so get down there!!!

    ps good luck to all the competing bands!

  3. wewizrobbed

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    well I didn't want to suggest walking around glasgow when it's dark :shock: You're lucky I actually knew it was charing cross!
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    We've got to go straight home after the results :( Really don't think I can face another 6/7 hour p***ed up coach journey!

    Hey Lucy, I might actually meet you this contest!

  5. Aidan

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    we'd already planned to go to the bon :p
  6. crossing the motorway sounds fun too! :p maybe a game of "Drunken-Chicken" could be in order....
  7. Sellers_Bird

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    yes jayne, no more pi**ed up journeys for u please! ha ha... oh, jus been informed that the "Sauchiehall Street" is somewhere where all the "ladies of the night" go.... maybe its best not to walk there after all.... :?
  8. Rob

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    There's no "ladies of the night" on Sauchiehall Street (none I've ever seen anyway :D ) Best bet to get to the Bon is like Allan said in a taxi, it's a wee walk up the Street, it's a small pub but you'll see a big curry house on the right and a Harley Davidson garage on the left (I think its still there) But if you want to walk it's safe as well!
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  10. Richard Dyson

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    Great site you pointed everyone to. For our English and Welsh visitors this weekend there is a handy little page on the friendly welcome you will get when visiting Glasgow.

    Only kidding really, I enjoy nights out in Glasgow and this isn't representative of the nice people you will meet!
  11. allanw

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    Obviously I would have expected you to know where it is as every time i go in the place you and Steph are already there!
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    wish we (BTM) could go but we fly back after the contest, Hey Allan is Dave Laughland playing for Kirkie? what a guy and what a scotch drinker!!! would be great to see him!!
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    Davie plays with Dalmellington Band now - not sure if they're playing at the Mineworkers - if not I'm sure he'll be around on Sunday.
  14. Borfeo

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    With a bit of luck I'll be bonn'ing it on Sunday.

    Also, if you all know Andy Shaw, make sure you have a word with him on Sunday. This is his last contest before he sets off to Ireland to start his new job, so I'm sure he'd gratefully accept any levels of alcohol people give him.

    Hope to see you all there for muchos beerage.