Pennine Festival 27th feb 2010

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  1. The pennine festival is on again tonight at the parish chuirch in halifax, The event give's 5 yorkshire bands to give a run out of the test piece for there section a week before including last years yorkshire champions Rothwell Temerance.
    each performance will be adjudicatord by Malcolm Brownbill.
    The event starts at 6pm with the doors opening at 5.30, the order of the night is as follows:

    band no1: Haworth Band playing: Saint-Saens Variations (Philip Sparke) 4th section.
    no2:Lofthouse 2000 playing Labour and Love (Percy Fletcher) 3rd section
    no3:Emley playing The Kingdom of Dragons (Philip Harper) 2nd section
    no4:Hebden Bridge Band playing:A Moorside Suite (Gustav Holst) 1st section
    no5:Rothwell Temperance playing:English Heritage (George Lloyd) championship

    each band will also play a hymn tune of there choice before the test piece.

    The concept for the event came about during discussions between Philip Wilby and the committee of Hebden Bridge Band, who are responsible for organising the festival. Admission is £3 on the door.
  2. tuba1974

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    anybody go to the pennine festival last night, for me garry hallis doing a great job with emley well done garry
  3. cornetdom

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    where can we get the recording fo last nights performance?
  4. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    My understanding is that Rob will be sending appropriate copies of the MP3s out to the Band's representatives shortly (if he's not already).

  5. e mail come through but someones beat me to the downloads, gone over limit. :(
  6. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I'll let Him know this afternoon if you've not already - I need to speak to him about a job he's doing with me.
  7. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    The situation is that the contract was to supply a designated contact with a download of the file. Such download services offer a limited number of downloads before they expire. If the original contact has forwarded the link and you've 'missed out' I'd suggest having a chat with them as IMO the contract has been fulfilled.

  8. Thanxs, great night last night!!! think all the bands played well ith a week to go!! i was plesently supprized by emily band, thev'e come on leeps and bonce since last year! top 3 me thinks for them!!!
  9. 2nd man down

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    Blimey, thank you. :biggrin:
    We'll see next week, but at the moment we're just hoping we don't just go straight back down! We've put in a heck of a lot of hard work so far, very aware of the difference in difficulty of the test piece from last year.

    Thought everyone played well, but was very impressed with the sound the two top bands made, Hebden Bridge gave a really full and balanced sounding performance of Moorside Sweet, and Rothwell...well, just wow. What a sound thier troms/basses have when they're giving it some clog. Awesome.
  10. tuba1974

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    just had a listen to are recording last night, still got a bit of work to do but very pleased, we have found a star of the future young alex on solo cornet, what a player, Im very pleased we have him in our band, well done young man,
  11. any chance of the recording of the hymn tune? verry good quality recording!! well done:clap:
  12. ploughboy

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    Thank you! I'm blushing.

    I enjoyed the night again. . well organised and friendly event.

    We were a little dissapointed in our playing, but we received tons of positive remarks from all around. I guess that's maybe the standards we set ourselves.

    I agree with Crawf. Hebdon created that smooth flowing style in the 2nd mov. and they were very well lead by a cracking young man on solo cornet.

    Rothwell showed all the signs of a band who are gonna defend their title in fine style. Very convincing stuff through 80%+ of the piece, i'm sure they'll nail it this Sunday!
  13. barrytone

    barrytone Member

    Very much enjoyed all the performances, Emley were good and tight - heard them not so long ago so not too surprised at their standard, they are certainly building on the strong foundations they have and are strong contenders in my view. Absolutely love Labour and Love, one of the first test pieces I played, as good a test today as it was when it was written and very under rated in it's difficulty. Very exposed for a lot of the soloists and I thought Lofthouse did very well with the piece.

    Hebden's rendition of A Moorside Suite didn't disappoint either, with a week to go, it was a performance they can certainly build on. Had to leave before Rothwell got to play so can't comment on them, overall a very enlightening and enjoyable evening, well done to the organisers!
  14. towse1972

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    Rich........emily band? and bonce? :D I love you......:)
  15. ya know what i mean donna, dont think jonnys as bad a speller as his big bro, i must be the spechal one. can u tell i failed english? :)
  16. towse1972

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    I dont care....You make me smile!
  17. lol, good good.

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