Pennine Brass Festival

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  1. Pennine Brass Festival -listen to all the set tests prior to the Areas!

    The Pennine Brass Festival is set to take place next month with bands such as diverse as Friendly right up to the show stopping Black Dyke.

    The Pennine Brass Festival is taking place on Saturday 24th February 2007 at 6pm in Halifax Parish Church. It features performances by Friendly Band, Elland Band, Slaithwaite Band and Hebden Bridge Band, with Black Dyke Band providing the finale.

    Each band will perform their a hymn followed by set test piece; adjudication of performances is to be provided by the experienced David Horsfield of Kirklees Music. As each of the five sections is represented, it is an opportunity to hear performances of each test piece before the regional contests in early March.
    The Festival was held for the first time last year and was a great success.
    The concept for the event came about during discussions between Philip Wilby and the committee of Hebden Bridge Band, who are responsible for organising the festival.
    Admission is £2 on the door.
  2. Just to say a big THANK YOU to all who were involved or attended last night's Pennine Brass Festival in Halifax Parish Church. It was a brilliant success and particular thanks must go to Mr David Horsfield and Dr Roy Newsome for their comments and introductions. Another big vote of thanks must go to Doyen who provided each band with a CD of their performance.

    Here's to next year!!:clap:
  3. barrytone

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    So sorry that I missed this event, would really have liked to have heard performances of all the testpieces before next weekend. So glad it was a success, hopefully we won't have a concert next year and I'll be able to come along for a listen.
  4. MattB

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    Well done to my old mates at Hebden for organising such a great event. It was almost a privilige to be able to listen to Dyke perform Isiah 40. My god it was GOOD!

    To anyone who didnt go- make it a priority next year. Just one request- for those of us in the audience looking to pick up pointers from the adjudicator for our own band (4th section in my case) would it be possible to get said adjudicator to go a little more in depth as to what they would lokk for in the test peices rather than just an overview? I know they are all different in their outlook but would have been nice to know that this amateur is thinking in the same way as a professional!!

    Once again, great event, well done all!

  5. Rimshot

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    I do hope you are talking about yourself and not David Horsfield!!!
  6. MattB

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    But of course! As if anyone could call David Horsfield an amateur..... mind you, I bet a few in the Yorkshire 2nd section will do after next Sunday!!!!!

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