Pennine Brass Festival 2009

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  1. Pennine Brass Festival -listen to all the set tests prior to the Areas!

    The Pennine Brass Festival is set to take place next month with bands representing all five sections, from Friendly to Skelmanthorpe.
    The Pennine Brass Festival is taking place on Saturday 28th February 2009 at 6pm in Halifax Parish Church. It features performances by Friendly Band, Emley Band, Kippax Band and Hebden Bridge Band, with Skelmanthorpe Band providing the finale.

    Each band will perform a hymn followed by their set test piece; adjudication and a summary of each performance is to be provided by Peter Roberts. As each of the five sections is represented, it is an opportunity to hear performances of each test piece before the regional contests in early March.
    The Festival was held for the first time in 2006 and was a great success.
    The concept for the event came about during discussions between Philip Wilby and the committee of Hebden Bridge Band, who are responsible for organising the festival.
    Admission is £3 on the door.

    The Pennine Festival - often copied, never bettered!
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    It's a great nights music this event i've been to couple to listen and throughly enjoyed playing at this event for the first time last year, emley are back again and looking forward to it.....anyone who's never been but are thinking of it do its great !!!
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    Just can't get there for 6pm, far too early when I am working. Could we come along later, what time would the second section be playing? I am presuming that we start with the fourth and finish with the Championship? Is it ok to come later, will we still get in and get seats?
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    yeah, this year we're starting with 3rd section, then 4th, then usually they have a break, then 2/1/Top.

    I presume it'll be the same, I recon if you got there for 7 you'ld be just in time for 2nd half. And seats shouldn't be a problem, it's a big old church . . .