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  1. Seedhouse

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    Hi guys, just opened up a personal paypal account and just wanted to check whether it was a free service or not!??!?! Couldn't see it anywhere, and don't really want to be charged to use it! A speedy response would be fantastic pleeeease! :D
  2. PeterBale

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    There is a small percentage charge involved, but I'm pretty sure it is only levied on the person receiving the payment, rather than the one making it.

    Edit: extract from the paypal website (under the heading "Fees"):

    If you're receiving money, there can be a fee due if it is a payment by credit card, but full details are on their website.
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  3. Seedhouse

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    Cheers Peter, thanks for the speedy response! ;)
  4. Cornishwomble

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    I use Paypal all the time, never cost me any extra and a lot safer way to shop online
  5. NeilW

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    Some recipients of the "basic" package cannot retreive money that you've paid with a credit card.

    However, I believe all can when you've funded your transaction from a bank account. HOWEVER, it takes a few days to set this up (they transfer a few pence to your account and you have to be able to confirm how many it was before the account can be used)

    As has been said, it costs the recipient of the money a small percentage for the service, but nothing to the payee.