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    I currently have a contract phone, but I hardly use it so I am thinking about moving to pay as you go. One with a few free text messages would be good or cheap text bundles. The problem is I really want to keep my current number. I hate going to ask for advice in those phone shops as you get bombarded with sales people. So, does anyone know any good deals that would meet those criteria?
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    I've been with Virgin for years on PAYG. Its good if your friends are with them too as intra-Virgin texts are 3p instead of 10p to other networks.

    15p/min for the first 5 (or is it 4?) minutes of the day then 5p/min.
    They do bundles of talk time and SMS/MMS but I've never bought one.

    You definitely CAN transfer your existing number to Virgin (my wife did from 1-2-1/T-Mobile)

    I believe the Carphone Warehouse have a similar sort of package (Breeze?). Tescos is similar, but I think more expensive.

    One thing that IS good for PAYG users is You call a number that doesn't answer and they call you back and you make your call. I think UK landlines are 4p/min! Audio quality and reliability aren't great at the moment though to be honest - but if you get a decent connection its OK. One drawback is that you have to look up the number you want to call from your address book, call returncall then manually enter the number (at least you do on my phone...)

    I think one of the price comparison sites will recommend to you if you put your usage patterns in (uswitch maybe?)

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    Sim cards can be got for free usually on any network, if you look around, sometimes you can even get them with a couple of quid credit thrown in too! They will fit your existing phone IF it is the same network, and you can get your existing number transferred (ask them for a "PAC" code which you pass on to the new network). It may be even easier if you are staying with the same network.

    If you change to a new network, then the phone may need unlocking, usually for less than 10 quid in any street market, although decent model phones are available from about 20 quid upwards these days, so it makes it seem not worth the bother unless it is a good spec phone!

    Last week I bought a new phone, a Sony Ericsson K750i (2mp camera, bluetooth, radio, mp3 & Java applications) for 60 quid at Phones 4 U (it was online and at the store), and was dead pleased to find it was unlocked, although I was planning to use it on the same network anyway, as I have on old Orange contract which is no longer available, and which they wish I didn't still have - it makes my bills miniscule, and sometimes it must cost them more to collect it than they make!

    What it did make me realise, was that the cost of Orange PAYG has dropped to when I last looked - 15p peak calls, and very useful bundles, and cost effective internet access for 1 quid a day or 5 quid for a week, which is handy when I am away from home for connecting my laptop or PDA, so I will hang on to a working PAYG sim card with a few quid top-up in an older phone for when I want to use that, as the contract I do have does not fare very well if I want to use it for Internet access. (Orange, and I think Virgin does not expire the balance, whereas O2 do, so it is easy to lose your credit! Not so sure about Vodaphone, although I have not had a problem with that)

    Vodaphone offer a 3 minute max change (ie 15p) for up to an hour of talk after 7.30pm and weekends, so I keep an old phone with a Voda Sim card in the car for those occasions, like on long drives back from Band jobs or when away from home! Too awkward to have 2 phones for incoming calls, but it works a treat leaving it in the car, and a Tenner top up lasts months at those rates!
    Orange are doing something similar, or even free calls, but it requires top-ups to get at the free time.

    I am not a big Text user now, so I am not so up to date with the best options for that.
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    Some good advice on where to look at Money Saving Expert
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    o2 do a good one rach if you top up £10 a month (you dont have to do it every month if you dont want) you get 500 free texts plus your tenner!! I have a spare o2 sim card somewhere i think if you want that you would just have to ring up to change the number and the package!
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    Free anyway, and not even post to pay!
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    the O2 one seems quite a good offer - thanks for the advice!