Paxman Primo French Horn and Bessons and co pocket trumpet for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobbyp, May 24, 2010.

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    Two instruments no longer needed due to upgrade/change of situation;

    Paxman Primo compensating French Horn in F/Bb. Fantastic tone, would suit an intermediate or someone to do higher grades. Light as a single french horn but still with the two sides due to compensating system, making it suitable for a smaller person as well as an adult. All valves and slides move very well, recently oiled. only problem is a little bit of cork missing from a water key and the third valve. for this we used a bit of blue tack and this did the trick fine. There is some laquer wear too on the valves where you put your fingers and on the outer bend by the bell. also some on the end of the tuning slides. The tone of this instrument however more than compensates for the cosmetics. These are no longer available brand new, and the equivalent to it sells for £1500. Looking for offers of cash, or would like to trade this for a bach strad flugel horn or the like with a very good tone.

    Bessons & co pocket trumpet. used condition, bought to busk with but now no longer needed. cosmetically the outside is clean, has two dent imperfections however, one on the third valve and a small crease in the bell on one side. neither affect the playability of this instrument. the valves all work smoothly and all the slides are loose. The inscription reads Bessons & co. London W.C.2 H.75983, and has a picture above this, looking for offers of cash or trade.
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    Come on guys!

    Looking for about £600 for the horn, and £50 for the trumpet (+ shipping!)
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    Still for sale! Thought id put these all in one post too;

    DEG american Flugelhorn Bugle - Never used by myself, but has been used before. This has two valves, and can be seen on ebay;
    - looking for offers of trade or cash

    Wallace Blue Fibre Baritone Horn Practice Mute, rarely used, though it must be said was a very good mute when i did use it! - Looking for offers of cash or trade

    Also have a couple of military bugles for sale, email for pictures :)
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    Looking for about £600 for the horn, £50 for the pocket trumpet, £30 for the mute, £150 for the flugelhorn Bugle, and about £30 each for bugles (+ shipping!). These really need to be sold - poor student selling his instrument collection!

    Open to offers of cash or trade...perhaps a half decent flugelhorn for the french horn?
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    still for sale...BUMP
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    £550 for the horn?
  7. Lets talk ... I have a Bobby Shew Yamha Flugel for trade.
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    still for sale!

    and add to the list a weltlang cornet, bit battered, and very pimped up! ask for photos

    make an offer!!!
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    would also consider swapping a bugle for a bass trombone mouthpiece :D a big one! :D
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    bump up my post!
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    Now on ebay;

    French horn -

    Pocket trumpet -

    Flugel-bugle -

    Tenor horn -

    Conn 7B Tuba Mouthpiece -

    Miraphone TU 09 Tuba Mouthpiece -

    And photos;

    Bugles and Art Bugles - bugle 1/

    Pocket Trumpet -

    Tenor Horn - tenor horn/

    French Horn - french horn/

    Weltlang Cornet - cornet/

    Conn 7B Tuba Mouthpiece - 7B tuba mp/

    Miraphone TU 09 Tuba Mouthpiece - tuba mp/
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    flugelhorn bugle sold...
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    Tenor horn now sold! Rest are still for sale! Am open to offers too...
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    Any offers?
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