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  1. davetubaking

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    Does anyone know of any recordings of Paul Patterson's Cataclysm and Chromascope and maybe even Deception Pass which was for brass ensemble played by the PJBE?
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Chromascope is on a Besses LP called English Brass from around may find one on Keith Quinn's memorabilia website.
  3. brassneck

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    I've been aware of Deception Pass for some considerable time, but I'm sure there isn't a recording of it (... famous last words). However, it is a piece that does appear in concert programmes now and again.
  4. James Yelland

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    Just to clarify, it's actually on English Brass Volume Two, along with music by that other well-known Englishman, Giovanni Gabrieli!

    You can find a recording of Cataclysm on the album of the same name by London Collegiate Brass conducted by Edward Gregson - might be a bit tricky to find a copy though. Like the above poster though, I don't know of any commercial recording of Deception Pass.

    Also, if you are interested, Patterson wrote at least two other works for orchestral brass (but I can't recall of the top of my head the forces required) - Countdown and Mean Time.

    More subject matter for your virtual performance project, I take it? Good luck!
  5. Dave Payn

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    Patterson also wrote Royal Eurostar (written for the opening of the Channel Tunnel) which was recorded by The London Brass Virtuosi on Hyperion.

    I don't know of any recording of Deception Pass (I remember hearing the PJBE and the London Schools Symphony Orchestra Brass play it) but here's a description of the piece:
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  7. KMJ Recordings

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    Oops :p

    That'll be 1977 then? Can't be right all the time, I guess ;)

    The sleeve notes from Ifor James state, I believe, something like "The connection is that it was arranged by an Englishman" for the Gabrielli :biggrin:
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    Don't know about any recordings I'm afriad, but I played Cataclysm for PP's 50th Anniversary Concert with Jim Watson conducting our ensemble. The whole gig was Paul Patterson works, so I thought I'd try and take it easy in Cataclysm and managed to sit myself down for third trumpet..... opened the music and discovered the 3rd trumpet part was mostly a lofty solo piccolo trumpet extravaganza! Had fun with that one!
  9. Jacob Larsen

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    He also wrote "Count Down" for Brass Band...
  10. davetubaking

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    Thanks everyone - I managed to track down the LP recordings of Cataclysm and Chromascope (which seems to be a poor follow up to Cataclysm.) But no luck so far with Deception Pass.
  11. davetubaking

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    No more of a nostalgia trip for pieces I remember from my youth. You couldn't recreate the avant garde techniques of Cataclysm with a sample library.

    If I was to take on another BB piece after I finish the Bourgeois 2nd BB concerto I would like to do Salford Toccata if I can ever get hold of a copy of the score. The man at universal edition blancked me when offered to buy the score or rent it for a month without the parts at a reduced rate. score and parts for a month is £170!!! - I'm not that enthusiastic.
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    They were written the other way round....Chromascope was commissioned by Besses and came first in 1974, followed by Cataclysm in 1975 which was a NYBBGB if you like Cataclysm could be seen as a progression ;)
  13. davetubaking

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    :redface: yes that was what I meant that Chromascope was an earlier rough sketch for the much more assured Cataclysm. - honest:oops: