Paul Bierley is awarded the Dr. Paul E. Droste Founders Award.

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    USA NEWS - BB Columbus
    Paul Bierley is awarded the Dr. Paul E. Droste Founders Award.

    This award is presented annually by the band to an individual or group who exemplifies what Dr. Droste is and what he has done for the band as a whole and for the individuals in the band. The inaugural Founder’s award was presented last May, quite appropriately, to Dr. Paul Droste. Our most recent recipient, Paul Bierley, is a founding member of the Brass Band of Columbus, and was part of the band for nearly fifteen years. He is an outstanding musician, a scholar, a researcher and a world-famous author of John Philip Sousa. He has shown great leadership and dedication.

    The plaque reads: "The Brass Band of Columbus presents The Dr. Paul E. Droste Founder’s Award to Paul E. Bierley who, by nature of his MUSICIANSHIP, CHARACTER and DEDICATION, contributed immeasurably to the tradition of excellence and ongoing success of the Brass Band of Columbus."

    The BB of Columbus also confers to Paul E. Bierley the honor of Emeritus Membership.
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