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  1. dotman

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    Does anybody have any useful info on how to go about setting up a Patron Society? As with most bands money is always tight and our band needs to start looking at different ways of attracting it. I know of bands who put on 2 concerts a year for their patrons but I have no idea how much the Patrons pay each year? do they receive a membership pack? etc. etc. Any feedback on this subject will be greatly welcomed thanks.
  2. brass journo

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    if you log onto our website at and look at the become a friend of the band page this might help you a bit for what we do currently, though it will all change soon - but this gives you a starting point.
  3. mikelyons

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    The same goes for Old Hall Patrons. It will give you some ideas for what sorts of things you can do.

    Good luck with it.
  4. MickM

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  5. dotman

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    Many thanks for the replies, I will start searching through the websites today.

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