Patrons' Choice IV, the new CD from Foden's Band

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    Patrons' Choice IV is the latest recording from Foden's Band.
    The CD was launched during the band's 11th visit to Armagh last weekend and is now on general sale.

    Patrons' Choice IV is dedicated to Jimmie Charles who has recently celebrated 50 years of service to Foden's Band, first as a player and more recently as custodian of the band's unique library. The meticulous way in which Jimmie has organised the library will surely be his lasting legacy to the band.

    The CD can be ordered from the World of Brass website here or, if you prefer, the recording can be downloaded from the World of Brass Tunes store here.

    The CD is also available from the band itself and will appear on the band's own website in due course.

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