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    Vacancies Patcham Silver Band

    Vacancies will occur and have at the moment. We are short of trombones, will be short of another Eb Bass player, 2d Baritone(need now). Front row cornet player, sop player will be required. Drum kit player also, with own equipment.

    Please contact me via pm or email.

    Band Manager
  2. brassbandmaestro

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    This friendly, at the moment non-contesting band, requires players in most sections. For example, soprano cornet. EEB Bass(1), BBb Bass(2), perussion(support doubling kit when required), trombone(solo), and anyone who would like to turn up and join the band is most welcome. We practice on Friday nights, 8pm, at Patcham Junior School, Ladies Mile road Patcham.
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    Is that you, Mr. T? :D

    This list might need updating...
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    Inded it is JB!!
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    Update to the above:

    We now require:

    EEb Bass, 2 BBb Bass, Sop Cornet, extra percussion.

    Above details are correct at time of postimg.

    Practice night is still as above.

    PM me for contact details.

    Band Manager

    Patcham Silver

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