"Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

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    I would avaoid doubling the parts with other intruments, Steve heard this as a trombone feature I wouldn't want to spoil it. Yes it is exposed which is great for a developing band, something as a challenge for the less confident player. Exposed yes difficult no with a little practice. There is the danger by doubling that you are indirectly telling the trombones "you don't trust them". Not the best way to develop a band. We should try and move away from covering all the notesd at the expense of timbre, obviously if there is a trombone missing then cover it with another instrument. If there's a full section then make sure they understand that it is their challenge.
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    The clip of the Band playing the Roberts arrangement was impressive, I think I will seek out a copy or maybe save myself a few bob and do my own arrangement. Presumably even the USA hasn't extended copyright back to Henry VIII's time yet.
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    [QUOTE="Presumably even the USA hasn't extended copyright back to Henry VIII's time yet.[/QUOTE]

    David, are you in the USA? Which brass band? We need to compare notes, etc., & see what else we might do that will be to the mutual benefit of your band & ours....

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