Passing of Haydn Griffiths MBE

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    I'm sure somebody will be along with a better tribute than I could hope to do, but have just heard that Haydn Griffiths of Armthorpe Elmfield band passed away on 24th October 2018. A true legend of the banding community, setting up, then conducting the same band for 54 years, and teaching 100's of children throughout his life. He will be sorely missed. RIP Haydn, and sincere condolences to his family
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    Sad to hear this. I never met him, but the bare statistics of his band conducting career command the most intense respect:

    54 years conducting one band (from 1964)
    63 years contest conducting (from 1955)

    As far as my knowledge goes (I've looked into the question somewhat) only one person has ever exceeded the former, and none have ever exceeded the latter.

    With his passing (and that of Børge Nørkjær in 2016, who also conducted one brass band for 54 years, Ikast FDF in Denmark), so far as I'm aware, now there is nobody alive who has conducted a brass band continuously since the 1960s. Tied now for first place for the longest current span are John Cowking of Slaidburn Silver Band and Vaughan Evans of Billingham Silver Band who have both been in post since 1972; 46 years and counting.
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  3. GER

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    Just for info
    The funeral service for Haydn Griffiths MBE will take place at the church of St Leonards and St Mary’s, Armthorpe, Doncaster on Friday 16th November at 11.00am followed by committal at Rose Hill Crematorium. Family flowers only please
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