Passing of Frank Bryce ....15 December 2017

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    Hi Chris, just read your link about Frank Bryce. Like many, I've played many of his concert arrangements (the backbone of many brass band concerts in the 1970's especially) and 'Promanade' and knew of his association with Besses, but the Coronation Street link and other stuff, I had no idea. Thank you for this insight into such an ambassador of the brass band world.
  3. ChrisHelme

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    Thanks Julian... I am sure we have all played pieces over the years and have taken little to no attention to who the composer or arranger is and probably know nothing about them. With the things I have written over the years and in my book I try to throw a little bit of light on dare we say tunesmiths. Whose work we have enjoyed playing and countless audiences have enjoyed listening and I certainly feel we should know a little bit more about them.

    Watch out for my new Christmas Eve Sunday Bandstand radio show tomorrow on this website or on my own.

    Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

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