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  1. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    Malton, North Yorkshire
    It is with deep regret we announce the death of Dennis Hill, General Secretary of the Yorkshire and Humberside B.B.A. since March 1984.
    Dennis was admitted to hospital shortly after assisting at the Hardraw Scar Contest in September and passed away on Saturday, 11th October.
    A private cremation will be followed by a service to celebrate his life at Brough Methodist Chapel, East Yorkshire on Monday, 20th October at 11.15 a.m.
  2. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    That is sad news, although not entirely unexpected; he looked poorly at Hardraw Contest so hopefully he did not suffer for too long. Dennis was a hard working, down to earth bloke who devoted so much of his life to serving bands. He'll be missed by everyone who knew him.

  3. robcornet

    robcornet Member

    Really sad to hear that Dennis has passed away as he was a dedicated bander even though he didn't ever play an instrument. Dennis will be remembered fondly by all the former Cottingham Players who knew him. Dennis worked very hard to keep the Cottingham Band going and all his efforts were always apreciated. Dawn and I will miss him greatly. Rest in Peace now Dennis.
  4. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    I'll echo that Rob. He always had a kind word for Cottingham Band, even in the darkest days, and I don't think anyone was prouder than Dennis when the band competed at the Areas last year.
  5. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    The banding world is a poorer place now Dennis is now longer with us. Often sitting quietly in the corner at Cottingham, he still saw and heard everything that happened and did everything he could to help get Cottingham to its highest point and keep it going in recent bad times. Contests like Malton will be strange when Dennis isn't organising things in his cool, calm and collected way. RIP Dennis and enjoy the bandstand in the sky.
  6. Beaker

    Beaker Member

    Brough, East Yorks
    After working with Dennis at Cottingham for ovor 13 years, I was in a postion to see what he did not only for the band but for banding in the Yorkshire area in general. He worked hard and freely gave everything he could for everyone. In all the time I knew him, all he ever asked in return was that everyone enjoyed their music and playing in whatever band you were associated with.

    Thank you for everything you have done in the name of banding, Dennis, you will be missed.
  7. euphojim

    euphojim Member

    East Yorkshire
    Dennis was a real gentleman and and will be sadly missed. A great loss to the Brass Band world.

  8. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    Malton, North Yorkshire
    Herewith the formal obituary from Y.H.B.B.A.

    DENNIS HILL, 18.12.33 – 11.10.08

    Dennis Hill was never a brass player but he devoted well over 30 years of his life to the support of brass bands and in service to others. Like many he was an unsung hero, a backroom worker, upon whom our movement depends.

    Dennis became involved with the world of brass when his son, Stephen, became a brass player and joined Cottingham Junior Band. Dennis subsequently served as Secretary and later Chairman to Cottingham Band for over 30 years.

    It is recorded that Dennis attended his first YHBBA meeting in April 1977. Soon afterwards son Stephen joined the Association Youth Band and in June 1978 Dennis was appointed Secretary to the Youth Band.

    March 1984 saw Dennis elected to the post of General Secretary to the YHBBA – a position he held until his death on 11th October 2008.

    Dennis served as Contest Controller or Registration Officer at most of the Association contests including the Tetley Leeds Contests in the 80’s; entertainment contests at Cleethorpes; the Malton contest since 1988 and the Annual Association contest. However his favourite was the Hardraw Scar contest, resurrected in 1989. This was the contest most of us last spent some time with Dennis on the 14th September.

    Rarely missing a meeting or event, Dennis was a good communicator and also had many practical skills which he put to good use for the association including making two adjudicators boxes and turning wood to make new bases for some old trophies.
    No job was ever too large or too small and Dennis always remained calm with a cheerful countenance and dry wit even when he wasn’t 100% well.

    Tributes have been received from bands and individuals with words “hardworking”; “down to earth”; dedicated bander”; “a real gentleman”; he worked hard and freely”; “he gave everything he could” attributed to Dennis.

    His funeral took place on Monday, 20th October at Brough Methodist Chapel where over 100 friends and family came together at a service of thanksgiving for his life.
    Past and present members of Cottingham Band joined together to play hymns.

    Our thoughts are with his wife, Margaret, and his family at this sad time.
    He will be greatly missed by all his friends and colleagues in the Yorkshire and Humberside banding community.

    Peggy Tomlinson
    Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association.
  9. dickyg

    dickyg Member

    East Riding of Yorkshire
    A truly loyal and dedicated man who was always happy to work behind the scenes for the greater good of all.

    Thank you Dennis for everything you did,

  10. BreadMan

    BreadMan New Member

    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has given their heartfelt comments about my Dad. Nice to hear he was such an inspiration to so many people. Thank you from myself and all the family.

    Steve Hill
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