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    The Parr Band - St Helens
    Due to a change in shift pattern, our present M.D. cannot regularly attend rehearsal and has had to resign but will attend as a player, shifts permitting. The band has a full complement with a wide range of experience, reflected by the age range (11 to 75). It is graded 4 nationally and 3 locally. Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday starting at 7:30. We are members of the NWCABBA and attend contests organised by this association and of course the nationals at Blackpool. We have a busy concert & march engagement calendar. Interested applicants should contact, in confidence, Peter Eddleston-Secretary Tele 01744883157 or email for more information.
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    I'm a member of the band, and can echo what's already been said.
    I know its slightly different as an MD, but when i joined as a player the atmosphere was excellent, and i was made very welcome.
    The majority of the band are a very friendly bunch, and we all enjoy a laugh, as well as wanting to progress in the banding world.
    And hopefully, the right MD will be found for us :)

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