Pantomime and Brillante for euph and orchestra

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    Next week the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is recording a CD with American euphonium player Adam Frey. Today I was in the orchestra library browsing through the 2nd trombone folder to see if I needed to look at anything before the sessions. Imagine my surprise when I saw Philip Sparke's Pantomime (arr. Frey) and Peter Graham's Brillante. Is anyone aware of any other brass band euph solos that have been transcribed for orchestra? BTW, has anyone heard Adam live? I understand he spent some time in Manchester.
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    Charley Brighton is playing the Horowitz with orchestra later this year, and I believe David Childs had the Wilby concerto transcribed for the final of the BBC Young Musician's Competition.
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    When my wife was playing viola with the Lima Symphony and the 25th anniversary of Neil Armostrong's moonwalk came up (so this must have been 1994?) they wanted a euphonium solo (which is her major instrument, and what Neil played). She ended up playing Londonderry Air, but she had called Jim Curnow about the Rhapsody for Euphonium and Brass Band and he said he was working on the orchestral accompaniment.

    To make a long story short (although I realise it is already probably too late), I would hope it is out by now?!
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    Adam was a member of the Point of Ayr Colliery band from 1997 - 2001 while studying here in the UK , he is a top bloke and a fantastic player , the band recorded Pantomime of LTTB on radio 2 in 1999. brilliant news for adam and the orchestra....
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    - Since Adam left the U.K. for home, he has built up a glowing reputation for himself. You can track his activities on his website below ...