Pakistan Cricket Scandle

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by StellaJohnson, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Just wondering what other peoples views on the cricket betting scandle. I know you are innocent until proven guilty, but is banning the players responsible really the answer?

    Gambling is illegal in Pakistan and parts of India and in some cases organised crime gangs arw responsible. The media to me seem to miss the point that we don't know what threats could have been made to the players and there family if they don't do as they tell them. My opinion is the ICC and other governing bodies are powerless in what they can do and simply banning Pakistan players won't resolve the problem.

    Any thoughts?
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    It's something that hasn't really gone away ever since Hansie Cronje took the fall for the initial round of match-fixing allegations.

    A large part of the problem is that there's now so many ways to bet. It's not just about the result of the match, the top scorer or suchlike as it used to be. Now since one can bet on practically anything to do with a match (the sixth ball of the first over being a no-ball for example) it's become more attractive for a player to become involved and think they can get away with it.

    A lot of the talk on the radio this morning was of corruption a part of most sports, and in all honesty, I'd be mightily surprised if there was any professional sport which hadn't been touched by it. One would suspect the governing bodies involved would tend to do their best to hush up any allegations of it though, to avoid damaging the legitimacy of their product - which is possibly why we've heard so little.

    There have been a few high-profile cases in recent years. Hansie Cronje I've already mentioned. Juventus being stripped of a scudeto title and relagated to Serie B after match-rigging came to light. Flavio Briatore being banned from F1 after ordering one of his drivers to crash in singapore (a decision I understand he is currently challenging) in order to ensure the deployment of a safety car. The reason Alex Ferguson refuses to talk to the BBC is because they revealed that his son was taking illegal payments from player agents in order to ensure certain deals went through. Harry Redknapp has been investigated for fraud on about three or four occasions now, and though nothing's ever been conclusively proved, the smoke around him has never gone away.

    Wherever you find ridiculous amounts of money in an occupation or organisation, people who wish to line their own pockets will gravitate toward it. What amazes me is that many are paid so well there can't be anything more than the thrill in it for them. Let's face it, they can't need the money.