Pagannini Variations (Rachmaninov)

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    Hi there
    please can someone help me. I LOVE the Pagannini Variations by Rachmaninov and in particular v18. I know there is a soprano cornet solo of this and I would like to get hold of it but I don't know who the arranger and publisher is. I did have a recording of it some time ago but can't seem to find it now so can't find the info needed.

    Anyone able to help me out?
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    Howard Snell did a version of this for Soprano solo, which I've heard Foden's play on CD. You could try Kirklees Music, as they publish all Howard's "Rakeway" stuff.

    I've also recently done a version, but as a band piece as opposed to a solo.
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    Roger Harvey has an arrangement which was recorded by Desford on the 'Variations' CD (1989, Polyphonic QPRL 041D). Not too sure whether it was published.
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    I may biased as my mum is a pianist but surely Mr Rachmaninov's piano concertos are by far the best.
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    The Roger Harvey arrangement is available , and is fantastic. am sure we got it from Roger Harvey direct.