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    he is takin fodens as for your comment that others put down good performances and hepworth was not a bad one is so illinformed as you say you did not hear it that your point lacks credibility but your entitled to your view Keep Smiling its history now
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    Would people be saying that Fodens dont deserve to be at the Finals if Grimethorpe had qualified? Presumably if they had then Withington would have been conducting Grimey and Fodens would be out there searching for someone to conduct in London.

    I really dont understand this thread. Or at least most of it. How having a couple of bands coming low down in the placings, not that they were and lets not forget that the adjudicators said that the top 6 performances were "world class", could illicit so deep a feeling because they dont get to play at a contest that all bar 4 bands each year do not have an automatic ticket to.

    What I dont understand is why everyone is so down on Hepworth? Please inform me what we have done to you all in the past? Or is it just that we can play music quite well and that offends you. If thats the case then I am OK with it but you have some serious issues.
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    S'alright Simon. Everyone (or rather one person witha lot of accounts) is down on Black Dyke in the other thread, so you're not alone. Alas, there appears to be a lot of it about these days....
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    1st Section Run away

    I listended to most bands on the Sunday in all sections and I think the adjudicators did a good job.

    What surprises me is the coverage on 4barsrest re the 1st section. I, along with most people I chatted to in the hall had the same 3 bands in the frame. I am pleased to say the top 2 were as I had them, Hammonds 1st and IMPS 2nd. I just thought that Hammonds sounded are more settled and mature band whereas IMPS were very exciting. the audience reaction seemed to agree.

    The adjuicators both said that 'there were 2 performances worthy of the championship section. With glowing remarks for both bands I believe.

    So how come by the time 4Barsrest report on it is it a case that Hammonds won it by a country mile and no other band could really play it?

    As I say, I'm not disputing Hammonds win, a win they should have had last year, but it feels a little like Iwan Fox's favouritism for Hammonds does other bands a little disrespect. Maybe the use of the phrase 'in my opinion' would have helped rather than reflecting it as fact. Praise is always higher when it is balanced.

    Well done to both bands anyway. Maybe we'll have a better showing in the finals this year.
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    I have read the post with some interest and a little confusion.
    As I see it on the day the best bands showed the others that they are worthy of their placings.Does it matter if Grimey or Dyke didnt get the top 2 spots?. Well done to everyone who competed and especially to the bands who have created such debate. The main point is that Yorkshire still produce bands that we all can be proud of.
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    Just having a listen to the winning performance of the South Yorkshire Police band on their website - What a fantastic performance! Hard to fault anything with a performance like that! Congratulations and I wish you every luck for the Finals! A band to watch out for.....! :clap:
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    Well said !

    - Mr Wilx
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    Russel can't take them at London, Mark bentham won't, you'd presume Tredegar will qualify so Ian Porthouse won't. Would Hepworth have qualified under Mike Howley's (for exmaple) batonship?[/quote]
    Mark Bentham cant!!! hes already qualified!!!
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    The whole question of who's taking Hepworth at London seems pretty irrelevant to me. When a band engages a professional (a big gun) to take them to the area they've already thought through options of who would conduct if they qualify.

    I'm sure Hepworth have someone (very good) in mind if not already booked.

    Bands have been engaging top conductors for qualifyers since year dot and will continue to do so long after we're all gone.

    In years gone by 'The Major' (God rest him) would take 4 or 5 bands across the country and usually qualify 2 or 3 of them, nobody's mentioning that are they?

    Well done Hepworth (& Frickley). Qualification out of Yorkshire = Fecking good band, end of.
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    4barsrest are not the BBC unfortunately. They do not have a charter that means they have to be impartial.
    At the end of the day all that matters is what the adjudicators thought and if 4 bars rest don't want to agree with the guys with years of musical experience between them then they are within their rights to do so.
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    Nice problem for Hepworth / Ian Porthouse to have - I'm sure that any band qualifying from an area as strong as this will have plenty of quality pro MD's jumping at the chance to take them to the finals. Pro conductors having wins / qualifying bands in more than one area is nothing new, and I would be surprised if both band and MD don't discuss this when engaged to take the area. If not, then as I said it's a nice problem to have and is born of success.:clap:
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    I am only speaking for myself and not the band as a whole in any official capacity but thank you very much, I'm sure we are all excited and looking forward to the finals at Cheltenham :D
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    Sorry last post reads like IP takes Hepworth - trying to make the point that both have same issue regarding Nat finals.:oops:
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    Ditto to Rob above, thank you very much. :)
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    Ditto Both Rob and Leisa, thank you. Still can't believe qualifying two years running :D :biggrin:
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    Thank you Pat all four who have qualified are good bands so are the other two who made up the top six. Plus a couple more are good championship bands
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    Conversations with the adjudicators afterwards indicate that they did indeed win it by a significant margin, but that Imps also gave a fine account worthy of the finals / promotion to top section and the 3rd one was a close runner up. Judging by the article I assume 4BR had the same conversation with the adjudicators.

    Whoever the winners it is good to see 2 worthy Yorkshire bands returning back to form this year, us yorkshiremen should be well represented at the finals!
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    It was a great contest and some great performances. BnR were outstanding and are def my fav for the nationals. The quality on tw weekend would suggest titles galore this year for BnR. Open? 1978 was the last. Come on purple army!!
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    Brighouse are really playing well a great show on Sunday. Just wondring if the Championship section should be reduced to ten bands in all areas as we would then get a more competetive 1st section and the other sections would benefit too ie a better all round standard?
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    and maybe qualification to/from the championship should be based on the average of a longer period of time like 5 years. Granted that would mean our band wouldn't be promoted this year - but it might create a more representative top flight competition.