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    I know there would be a degree of 'finger in the air' not knowing 100% who is competing until they've actually played (and played enough to qualify for the overall areas), but does Paddy have any odds for us all - making the assumption of course thatthe bands he lists do/will take part.:biggrin:
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    I think you've answered your own question there. Nobody has complete and reliable lists of who's going let alone which contests they'll be going to. :-?

    I've played in a band that were going, changed their minds a week or so before the event and then ended up playing for another band after being rung on the Friday morning to see if I was free if the price was right, which i'm happy to say it was... :guiness:guiness:guiness

    I also played for a band that did much better than would be expected thanks to about a dozen or so top class deps that found themselves available to play for us. :woo

    So no, good luck to all but I won't be delivering my usual insightful analysis
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