Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

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  1. Paddy Flower

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    About 6 weeks until the BIG day for British Open qualification and as most bands won't be competing until then I think it's time to open this market to opinion/derision/laughter.

    One thing is for certain (and proved in these prices), there are no bad bands here and competition is going to be very tough, no clear favourites, no rank outsiders (well, maybe one).

    These are unconfirmed line-ups based on last year's results in conjuction with and there guidelines for invitations...

    Grand Shield
    (Titan's Progress - Hermann Pulhuber)
    Flowers - 9/2 fav
    Woodfalls - 13/2
    Pemberton Old Wigan DW - 8/1
    Reg Vardy - 9/1
    BTM - 9/1
    Exchange Communications Whitburn - 10/1
    Redbridge - 12/1
    Wingates - 14/1
    Hammonds Saltaire - 14/1
    Mount Charles - 16/1
    Kirkintilloch - 20/1
    Newstead Brass - 22/1
    Thoresby Colliery - 33/1
    Kingdom Brass - 33/1
    Staffordshire - 33/1
    Jaguar Land Rover - 40/1
    Co-operative Milnrow - 40/1
    Dalmellington - 50/1
    Freckleton - 50/1

    A 19 band field here with Wire Brass no longer contesting, I've checked and there's no provision in the rules to promote an extra band. Checking back through the history books precident suggests they'll just go with 19 and relegate the bottom-3
  2. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Senior Cup
    Zone One Brass - 11/2 fav
    Beaumaris - 6/1
    Marsden Silver Prize - 10/1
    Sovereign Brass - 11/1
    Skelmanthorpe - 12/1
    EYMS - 14/1
    Yorkshire Imperial Urquart Travel - 14/1
    Ashton-Under-Lyne - 14/1
    Fishburn - 14/1
    Blackburn & Darwen - 16/1
    Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery - 18/1
    Friary Guildford Brass - 22/1
    Aveley & Newham - 22/1
    Laganvale (Metal Technology) - 25/1
    NASUWT Riverside - 25/1
    Ratby Co-operative - 25/1
    Derwent Brass - 28/1
    Burry Port Town - 28/1
    Co-operative Crewe - 33/1
    Unison Kinneil - 50/1
  3. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Senior Trophy
    Felling - 8/1
    Northop - 14/1
    Aldbourne - 14/1
    Wakefield Metropolitan - 16/1
    Wantage Silver - 16/1
    Bournemouth Concert Brass - 16/1
    Bo'ness & Carriden - 20/1
    City of Sheffield - 25/1
    Johnstone Silver - 25/1
    Wrexham Brass - 40/1
    Kibworth - 40/1
    Lindley - 200/1

    Point of Ayr & Cwmaman are (I think) no longer in existance unfortuantely

    There is likely to be EIGHT bands added to this list, one of these 8 to win?...

    particually if one of those 8 is going to be Camborne who I will install as 4/1 favourites if they're going.

    This begs the obvious question of who the extra bands will be and IMHO I reckon they could well be (in form order)...

    Camborne Town (obviously)
    Glossop Old
    St. Dennis
    1st Old Boys Association (why not? Laganvale are regulars)
    Helston Town
    Vernon Building Society Poynton
    Staines Brass

    a few other suggestions might be...

    St. Austell
    Jackfield (Elcock Reisen)
    Clacton-on-Sea Co-operative
    Sherborne Town

    There may be others being considered but I would be suprised.
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  4. Bass Trumpet

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    I might have missed something, but what are the pieces for the other sections?
  5. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Sorry Duncan forgot to say, Senior Cup is 'Prisms' - Peter Graham and Trophy is Benvenuto Cellini - Berlioz arr. Jenkins.

    You can't beat a bit of Berlioz, I know which hall i'll be spending the day in...
  6. I presume Skelmanthorpe are going Paddy, otherwise they're rehearsing Titan for some other reason....

  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    When Pennine and someone else (can't remember who) dropped out a couple of years ago, bands from the Cup and Trophy were bumped up to fill the gaps and the 2 highest placed of the bands relegated from the Trophy the previous year came back.

    As I understand it, bands have to be Championship section to get invited in the first place, so not everyone on your list would be eligible.
  8. Pontardulais are in the senior trophy this year :)
  9. yorkie19

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    Paddy, I think both Enderby and Hebden Bridge are back in it this year.
  10. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    In the Shield instead of The Cup, I guess that would make sense. I'm going to assume then that Bo'ness & Carriden (17th in the Cup last year) were reprived relegation to the Trophy.

    Thanks for that Belfast Barman :tup

    Skelmanthorpe - 33/1 for the Grand Shield

    Bo'ness - 40/1 for The Senior Cup
  11. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I can vouch for one of those....;)
  12. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Really ? OK then 40/1 and my best wishes :)
  13. well that was the case when i was playing for them :) any chance you could hit up your odds on first section national finals odds padlarrr? :)
  14. sorry just seen you already have :)!
  15. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    Looks like Stannington might be in the Senior Trophy as well
  16. Senior Trophy

    Stannington Brass Band will be taking part for the first time ever in the Senior Trophy this year.

    Chris Wilson
    Secretary to the Band :clap:
  17. Chris Hicks

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    You don't have to be championship section, many 1st section bands are invited.
  18. No probs Paddy, I did mean they were invited to the Shield, I just completely forgot what I was...........................
    Did it again!

  19. Very true, as Yorkshire Co-op we were invited to the Cup firstly, got promoted to the Shield and promptly came 4th the year after!


  20. Yes thats true, Hebden Bridge Have been invited back this year again :D