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  1. Kofi

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    Have Kapitol made a threat?
  2. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Just repeating what a friend from Scotland told me the other day. From what he said it seems that by holding a pre draw it would be breaking Kapitol rules.

    Could be completely wrong like, just what I'd heard on the grapevine.
  3. cornetjohn

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    why would it mean that the bands couldnt compete at the finals? is the pr-drw against kapitols rules?
  4. brassneck

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    I'm sure SBBA would have checked before proposing it!
  5. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    I honestly don't know, like I said earlier I was just repeating what I was told (should have thought better than to post hearsay on here!:redface:), but the way the convo went I was led to believe it was common knowledge in Scotland that Kapitol weren't happy with a pre draw.

    Hopefully the issues (if any!) will be resolved. Got to say though that although a pre draw might not be good for the bands, it might not be good for the organisers in terms of meeting costs. At least if all bands have to be there at the same time more money would be taken from the bar/food courts/programme sales etc.
  6. marc71178

    marc71178 Member

    How much of the proceeds from the bar/food places at an event do the organisers get though? I'd hazard a guess at nil.
  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Since the Rothes Hall is inside the Kingdom Centre, local businesses do benefit from bands attending. Remember, the hall is hired for performance purposes first.
  8. Statto

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    Definitely some sort of 'discussion' taking place! -

  9. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    A bit strange that any organisation (esp SBBA) would go ahead with such a move without contacting the sponsors. The rules are ...

    15. a) The order in which a band will perform in a section will be decided by a draw. Contest Management has the right to apply discretion for matters that, or concern, the order of play.
    b) A band must appoint a delegate to attend the draw and act on its behalf in all matters pertaining to the Rules. Any queries or requests regarding the Contest must be raised bythe delegate before The Draw takes place.
    c) If a band’s delegate fails to attend the draw, the Contest Management will draw on behalf of the band.
    d) In the event of a section being subject to a split draw, bands will be notified by the Contest Management. The first stage of a split draw must be carried out at least TWO (2)weeks before the contest date. Stage two of a split draw will take place on the contest day
    in accordance with a), b) and c) above."

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  10. Souter

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    For info the Pre Draw has gone ahead and the bands have been notified so presumably this has been cleared by Kapitol.

    On a personal note I think this is a good thing to happen, for us bands on the outer edges of Scotland we can plan the bus better and not need to leave (unless we have an early draw number) at stupid o'clock to arrive at the hall an hour before commencement and drop off our draw delegate. It also means we can confidently arrange rehearsal facilities in glenrothes as, although the band hall does have understanding neighbours, they don't particularly want to hear a test piece being played at 6 in the morning on a saturday.
  11. Kofi

    Kofi Member

    I agree, I'm about to phone the coach company now and be able to get an actual price from them... Quite happy with our draw, should be a great day! How are preparations going everyone?
  12. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    Just a wee note AnnanTown Band no longer carry the APD in their title. Worth a punt at 14/1 mind. Can I say that or is that insider trading?

  13. I still fancy Tullis to take this section but Shotts have to be a great each way bet at 15/2
  14. All the runners and riders from the SBBA website, some very strong sections this year with a few big name conductors, even in the 4th section. Bede Williams, Alan Fernie and Bruce Fraser. Still sticking to my guns from my earlier post for all the section winners, but with Lochgelly bringing in Alan Ramsay you have to think they will move up a few places as Mr Ramsay will not go to make up the numbers. A good selection of conductors in the Championship section, and a lot of very good talented young (ish) conductors in the second section. What are the thoughts of the Scottish banding fraternity.

    Championship Section
    BAND - Conductor

    Bo'ness & Carriden Silver - Steve Sykes
    Broxburn & Livingston - Craig Anderson
    Co-operative Funeralcare - Dr. Nicholas Childs
    Dalmellington - Archie K Hutchison
    Exchange Communications Whitburn - Ian Porthouse
    Kingdom Brass - Frans Violet
    Kirkintilloch - Philip McCann
    Kirkintilloch Kelvin - Charles Keenan
    Lochgelly - Alan Ramsay
    Newtongrange Silver - Nigel Boddice MBE

    1st Section
    Arbroath Instrumental - Michael Robertson
    Bathgate - Eoin Tonner
    Bon Accord Silver - Alan Duguid
    City of Discovery - Bruce Wallace
    Clackmannan - Paul McKelvie OBE
    Dalkeith & Monktonhall - Jim Chamberlain
    Granite City Brass - Alan Haggart
    Johnstone Silver - Paul Kiernan
    Newmilns & Galston - Nigel Boddice MBE
    Unison Kinneil - Russ Young

    2nd Section
    Annan Town - David Shanks
    Brass Sounds Inverclyde - John Boax
    Campbeltown Brass - James McVicar
    Coalburn Silver - Gareth Bowman
    Croy Silver - Kenneth Blackwood
    Dunaskin Doon - Chris Bradley
    Irvine & Dreghorn - John Boax
    Kilmarnock Concert - Raymond Tennant
    Shotts St. Patrick's - Michael Marzella
    St. David's Brass - John Dickson
    St. Ronan's Silver - David Robb
    Tullis Russell - Martyn Ramsay
    3rd Section
    Barrhead Burgh - Brian Keachie
    Buckhaven & Methil Miners - David Neil
    Dumfries Town - Peter Heyes
    Jedforest Instrumental - Phil Rosier
    Langholm Town - Alan Fernie
    MacTaggart Scott - Mark Bell
    Peebles Burgh - Alex Knox
    Perthshire Brass - George D Annan
    Renfrew Burgh - Mark Good
    Selkirk Silver - Alan Fernie
    Tayport Instrumental - Frank Culross

    4th Section
    Bon Accord Silver 'B' - Richard Kidd
    Callander Brass - Ian Milligan
    Dundee Instrumental - John M Tonner
    Dunfermline Town - Andrew Shaw
    Dysart Colliery - Bruce Fraser
    Hawick Saxhorn - Alan Fernie
    Kingdom Brass B - Bede Williams
    Penicuik Silver - Stuart Black
    Queensferry Community Brass - James Anderson
    Tullis Russell Intermediate - Steven Craig​
  15. Wow no comments on here for over 2 weeks about the Scottish Championships, do I detect apathy in Scotland ............................. or do you all really not care
  16. JTKBrass

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  17. Uncle Bryn

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    Bit cheeky coming on another forum to promote your own, no?
  18. lynsey83

    lynsey83 Member

    I certainly hope so Scottish Critic - this piece is absolutely one that will split the section in my opinion :)
  19. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    Don't write us off either. You have been warned!!!:cool:
  20. lynsey83

    lynsey83 Member

    I think the second section will be very interesting this year :)

    We getting predictions on here? Mine are as follows:


    1 - Co-Operative Funeralcare
    2 - Kingdom Brass
    3 -
    4 - Kirkintilloch

    1st Section:

    1 - Kinneil
    2 - Bon
    3 - Johnstone
    4 - Clackmannan

    2nd Section:

    1 - Tullis
    2 - Shotts
    3 - Coalburn
    4 - Irvine & Dreghorn


    1 - Perthshire Brass
    2 - Selkirk Silver
    3 - Langholm
    4 - Peebles

    4th Section:

    1 - Callendar Brass
    2 - Tullis
    Russell Intermediate
    3 - Dunfermline Town
    4 - Dysart Colliery

    luck all

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