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    Is anyone able to give me a summary of what Kevin Wadsworth said in his comments for the Second Section before the results were announced? 4 barsrest say in the retrospective he made it perfectly clear what he was looking for, but then don't seem to elaborate much on exactly what he said.
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    Malcolm Wood, 4 bars rest. Postcard from Blackpool.

    One question, was there a 4th Section or do they just not deserve a mention?
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    dont know about that, but in the 4th section retrospective it appears that you have recruited quite a few players judging by the sub header of the second picture! ;)
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    The picture is of Besses Boys and not my lot. No one over 70 I see?????
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    Thats right! why, is your band all over 70!?
  6. At the risk of flogging a dead horse, it might perhaps have been nice if he'd let us know a month or so previously :biggrin:
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    Hi Dave, well done again, the guy from 4br said hello to me in the thoroughfare when band No. 6 or 7 were playing!!!!!!
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    You're absolutely right and it's worth saying again. Maybe Kapitol should get the judges for all areas together and have a discussion as to what they are seeking in each chosen piece so that there is consistancy between regions.

    There has been some debate regarding tempo v clarity. Next weekend or the week after, there could be an opposing view.
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    I'm sure they will. Clucking Bells! I admire your optimism mate, but thanks for the vote of confidence! Just happy to be going. Funny feeling that, having played at 10 nationals and never having won (2nd 7 times!) , I'll need to cut my teeth there as an MD first though! (The not so young pretender!) Still, you never know.
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    I am sure that all 4 of us will be trying out of our skins to win the Finals, and I am also sure that the 4 of us will support each other to the hilt. Or at least I will. Lets have a great weekend and come away with everything on offer.
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    I recall (and I suspect that 4br are referring to this) that he said he was looking for bands that understood the piece and the story behind it (I.e. what was happening in Eric Ball's life around the time that he wrote Resurgam). I recall that he spoke quite a lot about how important that understanding was, and that he said he could tell the bands who were conveying the emotion of the piece.

    Hope that helps?
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    Get You Shell! Little Euph? More like Little Fountain of knowledge!! :clap::tongue:
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    Jason, you're far too kind :lol:

    Congrats to everyone at Golborne on the result last weekend, by the way...
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    Im sure you'll do fine and be a credit to the Northwest, well done to you and Golborne, im glad your enthusiasm and hard work is paying dividends.
    See you in Cheltenham.:D