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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Paddy Flower, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. tat

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    We had a similar feeling after Butlins, but a lesson well learned there.
  2. AndyCat

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    Not sure about the Timperley thing as they weren't even in the table in the programme, although Wire were there in the top section?
  3. Beesa

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  4. james72

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    Just wondering if this affected any bands I.e promoted/relegated bands.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Timperley have definitively, formally folded, and presumably someone from the band has notified the committee of such. Technically Wire have merely declined to enter, and may wish to reverse this decision next year. Unless they formally announce that they're folding they'll stay in the grading table for a couple of years even if they don't enter.
  6. Spaniels Ears

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    All this talk of wrong numbers on stage and in-correct administration is typical. It's just like hearing about the Football Association or referees who just haven't a clue!

    I watch premiership football week in week out and Sunday for me was like Barry Knight or Mike Riley attempting to officiate. I just wish I could have let out my usual profanities like I do in the stands!!

    I've been out of banding a while until this year but by the look of the posts previous to mine things are run the same as they were years ago. So why aren't band chairmen a and women attending agms and association meetings to make a difference instead of complaining and getting a yes vote given to them for not attending!
  7. Grunt

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    Me too!!

    I thought that it was refreshing that he actually gave the audience an insight into his decision making process of where and how he placed the bands. Too many adjudicators give a very wishy-washy comment about how well everyone did, how difficult the decision was, etc.

    At least Mr Pritchard-Jones had the decency to stand up and explain himself in great detail - which he is not obliged to do.

    We were royally slated at Butlins for not adhering to the tempos in particular. We learnt from that (boring or not!!) and hey-presto look what happened.
  8. PSB Tom

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    Well Roberts Bakery would have been promoted with 12.5, as it happens 13.5 keeps us in the First next year which I think most of us are glad about after English Heritage!!
  9. ian perks

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    We did not get there till 11.30ish but went straight into the 1st section as my girlfriend wanted to hear Le Carnival Romain having heard it on the way up in the car she does not know much about brass bands but loves hearing good quality music and she was so looking forward to Championship section as well and was one of the very first to start clapping when Fodens performance had finished.
    I also think with popular test pieces picked halls are going to be full it makes it worth while for all the bands to play in atmoshpheres like that,nothing worse when a rubbish piece is picked for the lower sections and you only get a hand full in audience,im sure you have had that experience like i have done in the past.
  10. fatcontroler

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    Now this confuses me! I heard your band on Sunday.....and didn't you play the hard movement BELOW tempo?
    I presumed this was what people were talking about when they said 'playing it safe'? I heard another band play it to what I thought was tempo marked, but also another who played it slightly faster than yourselves. I didn't have a metronome so honestly couldn't say, just presumed from comments that this is what was reffered to
  11. Grunt

    Grunt New Member

    I presume when you say the hard movement that you mean the fourth movement. This is marked Presto. There is no BPM indicated on the parts so it is open to interpritation. Yes, we did play it at the lower end of the presto scale, however we felt that this gave us the best opportunity to get the clarity which we felt was required of the movement ....... and which the adjudicator in the end said that he was looking for.

    I accept that that I am writing this from the position of someone who has been on the favourable side of the decision making this time and that on another day, a different adjudicator might have preferred another interpritation, but I've been around banding long enough to know that for as long as we contest we will always have different opinions of the final result ......... and it doesn't matter how many adjudicators there are in the box, there are always more adjudicators in the audience!!
  12. Yozzer

    Yozzer New Member


    "Now this confuses me! I heard your band on Sunday.....and didn't you play the hard movement BELOW tempo?" asks fatcontroler.

    Well what was the marked tempo fatcontroler?

    Ian B
  13. There isn't one marked. It just says Presto.
  14. fatcontroler

    fatcontroler Member

    in the original version the 4th movement was written crotchet = 200.
    This was then amended to Presto in this version, so anything up to 200, but no less than 168.

    From Stuarts reply it would seem that Whitworth were closer to the 168 tempo than the other 2 bands I heard. As i said, no metronome so i didnt look into it in too much depth at the time.

    Stuart, I'm not suggesting you didnt deserve your result. I didnt hear enough bands to comment on that.
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  15. Yozzer

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    Thanks fatcontroler (it would be much better to know your name.....) I heard 3 bands in section 3 on Sunday, numbers 7,8 and 9 and to be honest with you taking into account some very good playing in all three performances, all the movements sounded "hard" to me and not just the presto. The opening fanfare especially exposed lots of indifferent playing.............great music and a VERY difficult test.

    Ian B
  16. Father To Be

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    I thik its really smart banding to take the crit sheet from previous contests and use them to alter how you play the next time. You're quite right that you gave the adjudicator what he was looking for, so hats off to you and the rest of the band. Do the NW proud in September!
  17. tromwinst

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    So, in our case when the remarks say things happened that didn't and people came in wrong that didn't, what do you do then?
  18. Father To Be

    Father To Be New Member

    Then you have problems. 2 in the box would help (hopefully) or even push for open adjudication. But its not any bands fault - we all just try to put on the best we can. Believe me, I do share your frustration.
  19. fatcontroler

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    I dont know how open adjudication would help with (supposedly) wrong remarks etc, but 2 adjudicators would help, hopefully. Even though i know bands at the nationals that have had contrasting remarks from both adjudicators!
  20. towse1972

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    Easy Tiger!...;)

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