Own choice test piece contests

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    BRIAN KEECH Member

    Does anyone know of dates and venues for Own Choice Test Piece Contests to be held in 2012.
  2. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Your best bet is trawling the 4br classifieds and local association websites. Try this lot for starters:

    EABBA Spring contest, Norwich, 13 May
    SWBBA, Weston-Super-Mare, 22nd May
    scaba Autumn contest, Crawley, 30 September
    LBBA "Leicester" contest, Loughborough, 25 November
    WBBA Winter Open, Weymouth, 01 December
  3. DRW

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    EABBA is an own choice entertainments concert, rather than own choice test-piece.
  4. Bass Man

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    Depending on which section you're in there's the Doctor Martin Wainstone's Cup contest in the North of England. There's no confirmed date but it was held mid September last year. You would need a march, solo and testpiece; all own choice.
  5. euph77

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    GBBA in November is a March and Own Choice Contest
  6. Accidental

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    Wainstone's Cup is 16th September this year.
    I think the OP's band is in a different section.
  7. Will the Sec

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    I'm exercising my own choice on 30 September, and going to Folkestone regardless!