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    Whose the most over rated in English Football then?

    1. Steven Gerrard - Liverpool - 9 out of 10 ''world class'' 50 yard passes never reach the target.....

    2. C Ronaldo - Man Utd - Any defender with any sense will just wait and let him fiddle around with his leg kicks and then deposit him into the crowd.

  2. nickjones

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    In Years gone by you have had Geoff Thomas and Tony Daley....I dont think they managed a full 90 mins in 4 years at Wolves...and to think 20+ England Caps between them , what was Graham Taylor thinking?????????
  3. geordiecolin

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    Didier Drogba. Not worth the money and not any better than Gudjohnsen or Hasselbaink in my opinion. See also Kezman who looked average when he played for PSV.

    Robby Carlos. Not actually that good at free kicks.

    Luis Figo. He's rated because???
  4. Cornishwomble

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    I didn't they were in English football, have Chelsea been at it again ! ;)

    James Beattie... One good season and now pants

    Robbie Savage..... it's not passion Robbie it's dirty fouling and whinging, and get yer hair cut you big Jessie

    Philip Neville...... England Vs Romania Euro 2000 say no more
  5. Aidan

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    wayne "angry tramp" rooney.... good but way overrated.
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    You're sick!! Gerrard has single handedly pulled Liverpool through this season. He is world class mate, and yours is the first argument I've ever heard or seen against this.
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    Whoo-hoo!! My little rant has just made me a senior friend as well!!

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    Spoken like a true ''I beleive the hype'' Liverpool supporter ....mate

    Its the media thats feeding the hype on Gerrard, as with a number of others

    Congratulations on your senior friend status
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    Sorry Roy - I disagree with all three of your choices. Purely because of the fact that the thread is called 'most over-rated' - I'm not sure the word 'rated' figures next to any of those three! ;)

    As for Steven Gerrard, whilst there is a lot of hype surrounding him - to say he is the most over-rated player is a bit of a joke. Granted, he's not the best midfielder at the club (step forward Mr. Alonso) and the way the press praise him to death is a bit sickening, but name me a club who wouldn't have him in their squad?
  10. Maestro

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    Norwich wouldnt!!

    We couldn't afford his wages. :biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. Spanky Rear

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    They're all overrated--paid thousands per week for kicking a pig's bladder round a park.The clubs,F.A. and TV conspire to part the weak minded from their cash. Mind you the violence on and off the pitch can be entertaining.
  12. Chunky

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    I can't see where you are coming from with Gerrard. The man is awesome, just watch him he runs that Liverpool side. He covers every blade of grass and he cares about the club not just the cheque he receives from it.

    You won't notice the work he does on the TV but watch him live and you will see what he does.

    Maestro old mate, City could afford him, just the Stewards are not prepared to take a pay cut!!!

    My personal choice for one of the most over rated is Rio Ferdinand. John Terry and Sol Campbell when fit would make a much better pairing for England.
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    A much shorter thread would have been "Professional footballers who aren't over rated".

    Can anyone think of any?
  16. Cornishwomble

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    Rob Ursell at AFC Wimbledon, turned down MK Mongs to play for us, was recently selected for the England Futsol team, and was on the Paul O'Grady show last week do keepy uppies!

    A legend for us and definately not overated in the non-league world. (and he is a professional for us!)
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    Steven Gerrard is kinda over-rated but the most over rated player we have at Anfield has to be Harry Kewel.

    Rio Ferdinand is over rated too, he's skillfull but no way '....the greatest defender in the world' as he and his agent keep saying.

    Ronaldo is very over-rated - Both the man u and real ones!
    just a side point anyone else think that thugs on suspended sentances shouldnt be allowed to play for a team in the north-west?
  18. lewis

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    Of all the players in the premiership I can't believe that Steven Gerrard's name is still being mentioned!

    What about Harry Kewel, Igor Biscan, James Beattie, Heskey, James Milner, Lauren Robert, Vladimir Smicer etc..etc..

    They're all rubbish. Gerrard is class (no I don't just listen to the hype) he not only runs best part of 10 miles every game, he scores important goals for us as well. He can pass, he tracks back, he's a leader and he isn't over-rated in my eyes.

    Even if you don't think he is world class (even though those at Chelsea and Real Madrid do) surely there must be other players around that you think are actually over-rated :confused:
  19. Chunky

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    My thoughts exactly!
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    Emile Heskey. Gets the ball and falls over, looks at the ref. How did he play so many games for England and Liverpool is a mystery to me as I dont remember seeing him perform well at all. (Granted I haven't seen every match he plays in, but the ones I have he was rubbish!)