Over forty years ago.

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    Yes that long since, I was a fourteen year old who was taught how to play a cornet. I managed about six to eight months at it before being asked to leave the band as I wasn't putting in enough practice. There was a very good reason for that at the time, my mother hated music, ever since her father forced her to play the piano by the edge of a ruler on her knuckles, for every wrong note. With that sort of background at home I couldn't put in any practice.
    I left the cornet and any other musical instrument well alone for a very long time. However some time in 1998, I met a chap in my local pub, who at the time was chairman of the Blackburn and Darwen second band. I didn't know this at the time, but I found out a few months later what and where he was coming from, so asked if he knew any one who would be prepared to teach me to play again. Poor soul volunteered his services and there started a long and even now rewarding friendship. I couldn't remember a thing about what valve did what, nor even at first get the pitching right, however by the end of 1999 he judged me to be good enough to join the second band as third cornet, alongside a more experienced player who to give that lady her due she helped enormously.
    I have still a long way to go, the old dogs and new tricks saying comes to mind, now well past fifty, it is a long and hard road of learning and improving my playing. I am currently playing second cornet in the now Darwen Brass band, which is a new band formed with new players, and most of the old second band players. This band was formed to replace the old second band.
    As far as other interests go, I am a volunteer steam railway engine driver, and general dogsbody on a narrow gauge railway in Wales.
    I hold a current amateur radio licence but don't use it now, and haven't since I got a cornet and this computer.
    I am a registered member of several internet forums, and forum administrator on a poetry based forum.
    I am also now for my sins, the press officer for Darwen Brass.
    All of that is what I do for fun, to earn a wage, I am chief engineer in a moderate sized plastic injection moulding company.
    Hope that fills in some spaces about who I am, and where I am coming from.
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    It sure does... and a big welcome to you from all of us here at tMP... :hi

    Great to see you at last register with us and start posting. Good to have you around.
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