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    I've just finished listening to the recent CD compilation of Ove Ericson cornet solo's. First I want to congratulate the group who put this project together. This is a wonderful illustration of this superb cornet player's tone, technique and artistry over many, many years and is a fitting tribute. The CD Booklet also includes a number of pictures and tributes to this great, great man.

    I first heard Ove in the RAH in June 1966 where he played "Songs In The Heart" with the ISB (a recording I would love to hear). Later in the program Ove was joined by Brian Midgley in a cornet and trombone duet (available for the first time on this CD). Some years later (having emigrated to Canada the week following the RAH concert) I drove to Detroit to hear the Stockholm VII Band. The penultimate item on the program was Dean Goffin's "Victorious" played superbly by Ove.

    I commend this recording to all.
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