Outside of banding.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by marksmith, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I'm starting to look a bit 'special'. I don't really do much other than working/banding! I get on my bike occasionally, does that count?
  2. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    I'm a keen mountain biker..... well I was until I broke 6 ribs recently! Now I ride a tad more sedately - Oh and I rather like donning ladies garments at the weekend :p:wow
  3. Mark Time

    Mark Time New Member

    Football - supported Doncaster Rovers all my life for my sins!
  4. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    i generally spend most of my time when I am not conducting/playing - seeing how i can become an even bigger "band-geek".......or that's what my wife tells me :)

    Other than that I try my best to fit in having a family (2 little boys and a wife) in and around band events/rehearsals/jobs/contests etc

    I am a keen biker (I have an original 1987 CBR600) and enjoy tinkering with it, and generally getting covered in oil and copper grease.

    Sadly what gets in the way of all these pleasures is having to work!!
  5. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Rugby for me !! Used to play up until 2004 (neck / shoulder injury put an end to my playing days :( ) and was a season ticket holder at The Stoop. Was about to start a referee's course when my brother asked me along to play with Becontree - hadn't touched an instrument for 5 years !! The refereeing and the season ticket went for a burton when the banding bug took hold !!!

    Being between bands at the mo I was looking forward to some beer-fuelled Six Nations watching , but Simonhorn of this parish prevailed upon me to have a blow with Fulham for the areas so that idea has gone south as well !!

    And along with Bro Thirteen Ball I have a great love for old school rock / metal. Have seen all the classic bands live many times , Iron Maiden being my favourite. The Astoria was just down the road from the nurses home until crossrail started , and many a happy night was spent there listening to bands like Saxon , UFO and others.

    As the name suggests , also a big fan of Elvis Presley and latterly have been getting into Johnny Cash as well - his "American" albums of covers got me interested , now I'm collecting a lot of his earlier stuff.

    First degree was in History , so I'm a big reader / collector of modern history , WW1 , US Civil War and the Soviet Union being my special interests.

    Then there's me politics as well but I'll not derail this thread with those this time !!
  6. Euphanasia

    Euphanasia Member

    Ah, how us provincial Student Nurses used to envy the London sets.......
  7. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    I have taken a shine to the history of WWII.
    The Channel Islands (particularly Jersey and Guernsey), Malta and Gibralter, have proven to contain an absolute gold mine of museums and related historical buildings.
    The Normandy beaches are next on my list.
    I was born in the late 50s and Birmingham was still a literal 'bomb site'.
    That, along with my education at the time, (which included playground songs like "Hitler has only got one ball"), obviously had a long-term effect on my adult interests!:)
  8. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Today's the day if you would like to see me pay homage to my 40 years of banding;)
    Weakest link, 2.15pm BBC2.
  9. Val.M

    Val.M Member

    Well Done Mark!! xxx :-D
  10. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Thanks Val.
    A fantastic experience.
    Good luck for next week.:tup
  11. Val.M

    Val.M Member

    Were not with Oddfellows now, were playing with Ibstock, but i'm sure we'll put on a good performance, the bands sounding awsome, lol!! Good luck to you if, your gunna be there xxx
  12. euphymike

    euphymike Member

    I'm so sad that if I didn't go to band I would stay at work. So it's work for me as a a break from band
  13. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    I am glad that Ibstock is showing renewed promise.
    The slide down the sections has been sad to witness, so here's to a good result this weekend.:)
  14. Leveridge96

    Leveridge96 Member

    Football-A norwich city fan
    I also have a interest in regional televison
    Sometimes done some session work for my musical freinds :)
  15. CornetJem

    CornetJem Member

    This is going to be really unexpected, being a girl and all but I have recently started playing Call Of Duty with my boyfriend. He follows me and my band everywhere, watching all the consorts and contests and attending all of the band do's, and since he is a keen COD player I decided I would try to be more supportive of his hobby. The best way to do that ofcourse is to play with him! I bought my own controller (which his friends have to ask my permission to borrow lol) and we play together for whole days at a time :D I'm not very good yet but, just like any hobby worth pursuing, it takes practice :D

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