Out of the pits and into the Whits

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    Brassed off actress joins Marple band for contest.

    The Marple Band was delighted when The Carver Theatre, Marple approached us to provide a band for Grimley in their recent production of Brassed Off. The show ran for 8 nights from Friday 11th May to Saturday 19th May. With both the cast and band playing to a capacity crowd each night, it was even decided to open up the final dress rehearsal to the public so those who had not managed to secure tickets could have a chance to see the play!

    Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes for both the band and the audience was the Whit Friday contests at Saddleworth. Taking our cue from Conductor Danny’s line, “14 contests doesn’t mean 14 places to have 14 pints”, the band were asked to play three times (as if at three different venues) gradually declining in quality as the beer flowed. This made for some particularly hilarious Oscar-worthy ad-libbing from the Cornets as we got to try out our new-found acting skills!

    In a similar reversal of roles, The Carver Theatre’s own Gloria Mullins (played by Sarah Wellicome) was so taken with The Marple Band, that she has decided to join us on 3rd Cornet for the real Whit Friday on 1st June 2012! Although not originally a brass player, Sarah plays flute for the Werneth Concert Band and inspired by our Brassed Off performances, has begun learning the cornet. Sarah attended her first rehearsal last Friday and is very much looking forward to performing with us on the day (although we won’t be playing Slaidburn this time!). The Marple Band prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and is always keen to encourage new players. Although places within the band are filling up fast, we still have a number of vacancies (see www.themarpleband.co.uk for further information) so if you fancy coming down for a rehearsal, our door is always open!
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